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All posts tagged "MSI"

  • CES 2015 roundup part one: from Acer to MSI

    The earliest and (arguably) most important technology extravaganza of the year has come and gone, and while the theme of CES 2015 seemed to be wider, thinner and shinier is better, there were some genuinely exiting technologies that left our mouths agape. Considering that the internet of things, 4K resolution screens, curved screens, quantum dot screens, ridiculously thin screens (just, many screens, essentially) and a number of interesting products were well represented at this year's fiesta, CES 2015 was predominantly the year of the couch potato. There were some more interesting launches catering for the casual gamer, the mobile media...

  • MSI GS70 is ‘world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch gaming laptop’

    The race for the best console might as well be a crawl in the eyes of MSI, which has now gone and introduced what is possibly one of the world's best gaming laptops, the GS70, says PCgamer. MSI is calling it the "world’s thinnest and lightest 17-inch gaming laptop." We're calling it an absolute beast, based on specs alone. Is it thin? At 2.15cm, we'd say yes. And is it light? It's only 2.59Kg which is a slight for a laptop with the specs we're about to describe. The 17.3-inch display, which can output 4K content (when connected to a TV) has...

  • Enter the Dragon: MSI Dragon Edition 2 laptop is the ultimate gaming machine

    MSI is set to launch a new series of gaming laptops. The flagship is called the GT70 Dragon Edition 2 and, as the rumor mill has it, will support Intel's fourth-gen Haswell processor. As these notebooks are expected to launch right after Computex this June, Intel's new Haswell processor is reckoned to be their key selling point. Engadget has gone as far as saying the new GT70 is "the first Haswell gaming laptop." Of this, we can only speculate. The other specs are officially available though, giving the 17.3-inch GT70 Dragon the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX780M. The moola, will already make gamers think twice...

  • MSI HD 7850 1GB review: best buy at budget price

    We have to admit this was a bit of a surprise. We wanted to get the 1GB version of the HD 7850 to test it against the HD 7770 more than anything else - assuming this would be the card it'd be going up against. After all, the 2GB frame buffer of the stock HD 7850 must be partly responsible for its impressive showing at hi-res, right? And that's putting post-processing such as anti-aliasing in the mix. How wrong we were. It seems that the bottleneck to the Pitcairn Pro's performance is not the memory at all - the GPU...

  • MSI GX60 review: pixel pumping is its priority

    Is there such thing as enough CPU power? MSI seems to think so with the release of the MSI GX60 gaming notebook. That's because, intriguingly, the MSI GX60 pairs one of AMD's A10 fusion CPUs with the AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics chip. So that's a budget-orientated processor combined with the fastest GPU AMD currently offers. Bold move, MSI. For gaming, of course, graphics grunt has always been critical. Indeed, Intel has been winding back on CPU performance in recent years as it attempts to step up the performance of its graphics cores. But MSI really is pushing that notion og good-enough...