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All posts tagged "Nike"

  • Gaming news roundup: printer Doom, PS4 Nike’s and Master Chief in Destiny

    PS4-styled Nike's with an HDMI port, a printer that runs Doom and Halo star Master Chief found in Destiny, these are the three most tolerable gaming stories of the day. The US$950 "JRDN 4 X PS4" are unofficially excellent From Dual Shockers comes the story of one man and his obsession for creating custom Nike's. That man is Jonny Barry from custom sneaker design siteĀ FreakerSneaks. His "brand loyalty" to Sony and Nike inspired this cool creation, which even comes with dual-HDMI ports. Barry painted the Air Jordan IV's Sony-black, added the PS4 logo's to the rear and whacked in two HDMI...

  • Nike FuelBand review: the gamification of sporting tech begins anew

    At its heart, the FuelBand is little different to the UP or Fitbit; it's basically an accelerometer you wear on your wrist that tracks how active you are throughout the day, and though its understated styling and system of monitoring and achievements on your iPhone or at nikeplus.nike.com is cleverer and richer than with its competitors, the fundamental idea is the same. That's good, because the idea works really well. Even if you make no other conscious changes to your lifestyle, just having something telling you how active you are each day is an astonishing motivator. Tired and want to get the...

  • App Deathmatch: Nike+ vs Runkeeper

    In a completely new weekly feature, resident app guru Danny Greeff pits two competing apps against one another in a bid to find out which one deserves a place on your home screen, and which one gets deleted, never to be spoken of again. Five rounds of brutal, bloody, binary bit-spilling glory, where only one can reign supreme. This is a quest for perfection, fuelled by a burning desire to use only the best in category, and rid your device of inferiority for good. Is this madness? Is this unnecessary? No, it's App Deathmatch! In our inaugural app death match...