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All posts tagged "Nintendo"

  • Nintendo Switch: six things you might not know

    We've covered the Nintendo Switch presentation extensively this morning, looking at the event itself, game trailers and the South African release date. In other words, there's a lot to know about the console, but we've still got some more information you may have missed. You're getting a NES/SNES game a month (with online play) One of the more notable tidbits was that the Nintendo online gaming service would be a paid service. But did you know that you're getting a free NES or SNES game as well? "Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment...

  • Yes, South Africa gets Nintendo Switch on 3 March too

    Local Nintendo distributor Core Group has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will be hitting South Africa on 3 March 2017. "On 3rd March, Nintendo Switch will be available in the following European territories: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Vatican," Core Group explained. "It will also be available in South Africa at the same timing." We've enquired about local pricing and will update the article when we receive information....

  • Watch: All the Nintendo Switch trailers from conference

    The Nintendo Switch has finally received a price and proper release date, as well as more details surrounding its features. But of course, a system lives and dies by its games, and the press conference had loads of games indeed. We've gathered all of the major trailers in one place for your convenience. We'll add more trailers as we find them.

  • Nintendo Switch accessories: What prices to expect?

    Nintendo has already revealed the final release date and price for the Switch console, as well as some lovely trailers for upcoming games. But what about accessory prices? Well, the company has just published its "buy" page for the Nintendo Switch and related accessories. And prices do seem a tad steep, to say the least. For starters, those wanting the Pro Controller will need to splash out US$70, making for a big increase compared to the Wii U Pro Controller's US$50 price tag. Want an extra pair of JoyCon controllers? It'll set you back US$70 as well, regardless of colour scheme. You...

  • Nintendo Switch event: 3 March release, but what about price?

    Update: Core Group has confirmed a 3 March release date for South Africa as well, but hasn't mentioned a price. Original article: The Nintendo Switch is just a few months away from its launch date, with the Japanese video game titan holding its big go-home presentation in Tokyo today. So what did they reveal about the innovative new console? Well, the all-important launch date and price were revealed. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that the device would release on 3 March 2017 in the USA, Japan, Canada, major EU nations and Hong Kong. Price-wise, you're looking at 29 980 yen or US$299. Kimishima added...

  • Super Mario Run hit 40 million downloads in four days

    By now you know that Super Mario Run has become the latest mobile gaming sensation, but just how successful is Nintendo's first proper mobile game? The company revealed that the game has been downloaded over 40 million times in four days. "We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded 40 million downloads worldwide in four days. In addition, Super Mario Run ranks first in the App Store free game ranking in 140 countries and regions..." Nintendo of Japan announced (thanks, Google Translate).  Apple's Phil Schiller said that Super Mario Run broke the previous App Store download record, congratulating the company for the...

  • Nintendo Switch: CPU, GPU clock speeds revealed

    I don't think anyone was expecting the Nintendo Switch to be more powerful than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. After all, the new Nintendo console is designed to be portable, which means that heat management and battery life is paramount. We know that the device is using a mobile-oriented Tegra X1 processor, which means that there's already a little gulf between Nintendo's machine and rival consoles. But just how big is the performance gap? Eurogamer confirmed that its quad A57 CPU cores stay steady at 1020Mhz (a far cry from the 2Ghz+ maximum for the CPU core). However, GPU speeds vary,...

  • Super Mario Run and Snailboy 2: this week’s top mobile games

    Welcome to Gearburn's Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens. We're firmly in the grasp of the holiday season, but that isn't stopping us from looking at the best mobile games of the week. Our highlights this week? Why, locally developed title Snailboy 2 and Super Mario Run. Scroll down for the full Monty. Hill Climb Racing 2 (free - Android, iOS) The sequel to one of the most popular mobile games around, Hill Climb Racing 2 continues the physics-based escapades of the original. There...

  • Super Mario Maker 3DS review: what’s the internet?

    Nintendo and the internet have a notoriously strained relationship. From the GameCube's support for online gaming (only supporting Phantasy Star Online and its sequel) to weird friend code implementation, the company hasn't always kept up with the times. But last year's Super Mario Maker (review) on the Wii U was a triumph, as Nintendo harnessed the power of the internet to bring a fantastic experience. A large part of the game was sharing your created levels with other players, but an even bigger aspect was playing levels made by people around the world. And the results were mesmerising, infuriating, jaw-dropping and just...

  • Nintendo Switch stars on Jimmy Fallon: here’s what we learnt

    The Nintendo Switch made its first proper TV appearance on The Tonight Show this week, as Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime and Jimmy Fallon showed off Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But the segment also gave us a good look at some of the Switch's features. Here are a few things we learnt. How long does it take to go from dock to portable? The Nintendo Switch stands out thanks to its tablet-like design, allowing you to play on a TV but also take the slate with you for gaming on the go. Fils-Aime demonstrated this feature on the show, taking the Switch out...