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All posts tagged "notebook"

  • Intel launches Haswell-powered laptop and hybrid range in South Africa

    Loads of stuff happened at rAge this weekend. So it’s fitting for Intel to finally launch its new range of Haswell-stuffed laptops and tablets in South Africa. Intel has launched its 4th generation Intel Core processor family, enabling a new generation of Ultrabooks and tablet-laptop hybrids to hit homes and offices in style. Vince Resente, territory manager for South and Sub-Saharan African at Intel, said the new processor would allow laptops and tablets to run all day on a single battery charge while delivering “leading edge graphics and performance”: “The new processors deliver a 50 percent improvement in battery life, which...

  • Samsung to showcase groundbreaking high-res display

    This week, Samsung’s exhibiting a 10.1-inch 2560×1600 display for tablets as well as a 13.3-inch 3200×1800 effort for notebooks. These will be featured, among many other state-of-the-art display technologies, at the SID (Society for Information Display) Event. Not only are these resolutions eye-bleedingly sharp, they also offer 30% power-savings compared to current LCDs. If these prototypes hit the market as notebook or tablet displays now, they will simply blow competition out of the water. As mentioned by The Verge, this is in direct competition with Apple’s Retina and Google’s Pixel displays. The 13.3-inch Retina’s display comes in at a...

  • Toshiba Tecra R940 review: a decent business laptop

    The tagline behind the Toshiba Tecra R940 is designed to be a serious business laptop. More recently, this is an area where Ultrabooks such as the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Samsung Series 9 have been making waves, with their long battery life and speedy solid-state drives. For the most part, though, Ultrabooks tend to be light on features, and if there’s one thing the Tecra R940-1CW has, it’s business features. A fingerprint scanner, Intel WiDi, a ThinkPad-style pointer as well as a trackpad, eSATA, an Express Card slot, a self-encrypting hard drive and an Intel vPro CPU, offering embedded security features, are...

  • Asus VivoBook S200 review: a fantastic 11.6-inch laptop

    For a long time it was hard to get excited about laptops. They all had the same features, they all ran the same software and they all looked exactly the same as the ones we all had five years previously. But the arrival of Windows 8 has changed all that, and no device showcases this fact better than the Asus VivoBook S200. It’s a fantastic little 11.6-inch touchscreen laptop that offers pretty much everything you could want from a portable device, and what’s more, it costs a thoroughly reasonable £449.99. Top laptops: 20 best laptops in the world The brain of this laptop comes in...

  • Dell Latitude 6430u Notebook review: no frills or flash

    Microsoft held a gigantic event in New York City to herald the coming of Windows 8 on 25 October. On hand were a multitude of devices, from desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones, plus various pieces of hardware that could fall in any number of categories, all running the new W8 OS. Most of the devices were aimed squarely at casual users, but there were a few business class devices to be found, like Dell’s Latitude 6430u notebook. The Latitude line has long been a trusted ally among working professionals, and they’ll be pleased to hear that the transition to Microsoft’s bold...

  • Video: Samsung NC215 Notebook

    Roger Hislop, part-time tech reporter and full time cynical journalist unleashes his fury on the Samsung NC215, a handy notebook with the power behind it to support both the businessman’s needs and the casual gamer’s demands. One of its key features is the solar-power panel located on the top of the device. Can it draw enough of the suns energy to charge the laptop throughout the working day? Is the device worth its salt? Can it pass our stringent Gearburn tests? How will it stand against the barrage of words which our tech journalist directs at it? Find these...

  • Review: The Samsung NP600 middling mid-range workhorse

    The Samsung NP600 is an entirely excellent notebook PC, which is to say about as special as a fried eggs on toast dinner. There’s nothing wrong with it, plenty right, and even pretty tasty and filling. This guy is mostly anything you could want in a US$1000 midrange machine, plus top-notch build quality and a magnesium casing to protect the screen, supposedly able to take a small truck driving over it. Great gobs of horsepower, nice bright screen, looks damn snazzy in a matt black way. A massive rant is coming up about the dead end of current PC notebook...

  • A notebook as black as Vader’s heart

    It would be easy to damn the Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 with faint praise. It’s alright. It’s a midmarket fairly powerful notebook with a pleasantly understated design. If you’re looking for a work or home or college laptop PC in the $600-odd range (closer to $1000 in developing markets), you could do a lot worse. Decent specs, pretty enough. Could be better. The most striking thing is the design. Toshiba has gone all minimalist on us. The Satellite Pro range has always been the more business-centric models, so less flash than the Qosmio multimedia/gamer units, but this one is (depending...

  • Google notebooks challenge Microsoft

    Notebook computers powered by Google software are heading to market in a direct assault on the Windows operating system at the heart of Microsoft’s technology empire. The California-based Internet colossus partnered with electronics makers Samsung and Acer on notebook computers essentially crafted as portals to online applications or services reached through Google’s Chrome Web browser. “Whether it be Microsoft or other operating system vendors, the complexity of managing your computer is really torturing computer users out there,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said during a press briefing. “That is a flawed model,” he said. “Chrome notebooks are a new model that doesn’t put...

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