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All posts tagged "pixel art"

  • 3 awesome pixel art games from the first months of 2018

    The entertainment industry is currently obsessed with anything and everything retro and pixel art video games are certainly no exception. We have barely reached the end of 2018’s first quarter and already there is a plethora of nostalgia inducing and pixel art-infused titles flooding the marketplace. While a great deal of them are nothing to write home about, we’ve managed to find a few that certainly deserve your attention. Crossing Souls With Crossing Souls, developer Adult Swim shamelessly takes advantage of the current retro-nostalgia trend (think Stranger Things, colourful neon lighting, VHS tapes, etc.) while throwing in some of its own distinctive humour....

  • PIXEL is interactive LED art lovingly controlled by Android devices

    Pixel art is making a coming back with this neat little frame created by Al Linke called  PIXEL. This creation is an interactive picture frame that displays pixel art and animations via LED’s hidden behind a two way mirror. The idea formed on Kickstarter and has far surpassed it’s initial goal of US$8000. PIXEL is on US$43 779. With different models, the basic display is made up of 512 or 1024 LEDs. The images are created by the brightness and colours of each LED changing, almost like Lite Brites. The pictures and animations are controlled by Free Android apps...