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All posts tagged "printer"

  • Epson L220 printer review: speedy death of the ink cartridge

    Yes, yes. We're reviewing printers now, and it's a better us for it. These often underrated, under-appreciated and laden-under-piles-of-books devices generally sit in the corner for most of their lives until they're called upon. Hell, they're like Batman: when you finally need them, you expect them to be there for you entirely even if they've spent most of their lives in abject solitude. So with that in mind, we gladly took in an Epson printer for a few weeks. Epson has been making printers since 1977, so it's fair to say that it has a few good years of experience....

  • ‘Peachy Printer’ is world’s ‘first’ $100 3D printer

    3D printing is "cool". It's the type of stuff we dreamed about ever since Star Wars and matter replicators were a thing. But, price has prohibited almost all of us from owning a slice of the future. Good news everyone! A Kickstarter project called "Peachy Printer" aims to sort us out with a R1000 (US$100) 3D printer which apparently even your grandma can use. It's also from Canada. Will the Peachy Printer be annoyingly friendly, ey? No, just useful. Rinnovated Design reinvented how the 3D printer works, using completely new methods that don't require the same expensive parts....

  • BlackBox mobile phone IM printer is the dumbest and best idea of all time

    Hark: This is the BlackBox, an IM/text message printer from Joe Doucet Studios and it’s an utter waste of everyone’s time. But not really. The BlackBox connects to an iPhone, well that’s what’s displayed in the rendered image, and prints out IM threads on what looks like grocery market till receipts. The website describes it as "standard, non-carbon receipt printing system to create two matching records of any length of conversation,” and makes one very good point: that it’s easier to print out an IM conversation, then it is to convert it to an email and print it out. BlackBox also "offers...

  • Brother MFC review: an innovative A3 printer

    This new multifunction printer has a twist. Specifically, it has a 90-degree twist. Instead of feeding the paper through the printer in portrait mode, with the short edge emerging first, the Brother MFC-J4510DW turns it sideways so it prints in landscape orientation. This offers several advantages over the more traditional setup. It can print on A3-sized (11 x 17-inch) paper by taking the page through the printer short end first. A3 pages have to be hand-fed, one at a time through the manual feed slot at the rear of the printer, so it's not suitable for heavy-volume A3 printing. Instead, think...

  • Kickstarter-funded mPrinter is a pocket-friendly thermal printing dream machine

    This is hot. Printing has most definitively fallen out of favour among the geek crowd. Paper, ink, bulky machines, screw that noise. If it's not convenient, cute of ultra-hipster, it ain't going to fly in this modern world of ours. Enter mPrinter, the palm-sized thermal printer that prints "dynamic snippets of information" or outside of PR-speak, it's a re-purposed receipt printer with the power to print whatever the hell we want. Fully financed This man, Andy Muldowney offered his idea and soul up to Kickstarter and happily for Muldowney, mPrinter's been fully financed well past his humble goal of...