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All posts tagged "PS4"

  • Gran Turismo Sport gets ‘career’ mode and more in new update

    Gran Turismo Sport features a heavy online racing emphasis, but it does have a modicum of single-player content on offer. There are your bog-standard time trials, those VR races, license tests and a track acclimitisation mode. But the one big absentee was a legacy-style career mode of any kind -- until now. Fear not, because the December update will bring a cup mode of sorts. "Launching as part of our free December update, we'll be introducing a brand new single player mode called the 'GT League'. Based on the old 'GT mode' of previous titles, players can now look forward to racing through...

  • Watch: all the new PlayStation reveals from Paris Games Week

    Paris Games Week has kicked off and, while it's not as massive as E3 and the like, it still plays host to some noteworthy reveals and trailers. Sony used the event to reveal a few new games, such as Spelunky 2 (coming first to PlayStation and PC) and Ghost of Tsushima. Check them out below.

  • Steam, PlayStation Store launch Halloween sale

    Horror game fan? Or maybe you just want a good deal on some quality titles, regardless of genre. Either way, Sony and Valve have the goods courtesy of a Halloween sale on their platforms. Got a PlayStation 4? Then you can look forward to a 56% discount on Resident Evil 7 (R469), a 67% discount on Mortal Kombat XL (R299), 60% off The Evil Within (R129), 80% off Alien: Isolation and 72% off Wolfenstein: The New Order (R89), to name a few of the many notable specials. PS3 owners can also look forward to significant discounts on titles like Catherine (R89),...

  • Gran Turismo Sport VR trailer removed

    In our Gran Turismo Sport VR impressions, we noted that the PlayStation YouTube channel published a somewhat misleading video some time back, showing the feature in action. The video implied that multi-car races were a feature in the game, for starters, while possibly implying that the VR visuals were better than the finished product. As it is, gamers can only use the PSVR in one-on-one races against an AI (no adjustable difficulty at this stage), or switch to the showroom to have a closer look at some cars. In any event, it appears that Sony has since deleted the video from YouTube. But you...

  • Gran Turismo Sport VR verdict: wait for more content

    Gran Turismo Sport has finally crossed the finish line, being the first GT game on PlayStation 4. And it represents quite a technological achievement too, owing to 4K/HDR compatibility and support for the PlayStation VR headset. It's the latter that intrigues us though, as it gives us a reason to use our PSVR headset. After all, games with a fixed seat tend to be best suited for VR, such as racing and flight titles. The game offers one-on-one races using the headset, as you compete against an AI opponent. And the initial results? Well, it gives us a tantalising taste of...

  • From VR to Pro support, here’s what to know about Gran Turismo Sport

    The latest entry in the mega-popular Gran Turismo franchise is but hours away from release, and many series fans will have already preordered Gran Turismo Sport. But what if you're on the wall about the title? Here's what you should know There is single-player content, but... Don't expect there to be a similar career mode as previous entries, as GT Sport is pretty much focused on online multiplayer. Esports is all the rage etc etc. We have a campaign mode, comprised of a driving school (think license tests), mission challenge (complete various racing challenges and compare results with friends), Circuit Experience (which has you...

  • Watch: Lewis Hamilton’s role in Gran Turismo Sport

    We're but a few days away from the 17 October release of Gran Turismo Sport, arguably one of the most important releases in the franchise's history. Featuring a heavy esports emphasis, it represents somewhat of a departure compared to previous entries. Now, developer Polyphony Digital has released a new video, detailing triple F1 champion Lewis Hamilton's involvement in the new game. "It has been announced that the three time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton will be appearing in 'Gran Turismo Sport' as the mentor and Maestro who will lead and guide the players," read an excerpt from the video description. Gran Turismo Sport...

  • No Man’s Sky update brings basic multiplayer, much more

    No Man's Sky may have been a major disappointment at launch, given the hype, but you can't deny that Hello Games has done a solid job of building on the game's foundation. We saw numerous major updates being released since then, and now the latest one (dubbed Update 1.3: Atlas Rises) also adds a basic multiplayer component of sorts. "Visualised by strange floating orbs, up to 16 players can see and communicate with one another, and explore the universe together. While interaction with others is currently very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in...

  • PS4 firmware 5.0 to bring 1080p/60fps streaming and more

    Sony has confirmed that firmware 5.0 is coming for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, but what does the new system update actually do? Fortunately, Eurogamer has obtained the release details, and the headline feature might just be the ability for PS4 Pro users to stream over Twitch at 1080p/60fps. Of course, you'll need a relatively decent internet connection to do this. Another noteworthy feature is an overhaul of the sub/master account system, with multiple adult accounts in a family and parental controls on a per-account basis (e.g. if you have several children using their own sub-accounts via your account). The last big...

  • New PS4 firmware coming: here’s how to sign up for beta testing

    Sony and Microsoft both allow you to sign up for beta testing of console firmware, giving users a sneak peek at new features and tweaks. Now, Sony has announced that it's looking for testers for its new PS4 firmware update. Of course, you won't just be playing with new features, as you're strongly encouraged to suggest changes/features and give feedback on the state of the firmware. "As with previous updates, we're recruiting for beta testers to get a head start with these new features, road-test them with us and provide feedback to help fine-tune and improve the way you play on PS4,"...