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All posts tagged "Q10"

  • BlackBerry Q10 review: the smartphone grows up

    I dislike BlackBerrys. But I like the Q10. It's a fresh take on the old Curves and Bolds, with a touchscreen thrown in for kicks. It also feels very rich in my hand, like running my fingers across an Audi's seat.  It smells good too. Did I mention that it's also a damn fine phone? As for the price, it's US$529 or R8 999 from where I hail. So I really didn't like the Q5. It felt like a nasty little phone with a price that was way too high for what was on offer. I like free stuff though,...

  • BlackBerry A10 leaks: big screen, beefy battery

    No one expected BlackBerry to sit on its haunches after the release of the Z10, Q10 and Q5. But that's what the A10 is for, a 5-inch, full touch BlackBerry with something most new BlackBerry's don't have: excellent battery life (we hope). Care of a leaked slide from Crackberry, we now know that the A10 comes with an integrated and possibly non-removable 2 800mAh battery. This is the type of phone you should care about. It is sadly though, impossible to tell if these specs are accurate or not, being that this is from a leak and all, but whatever....

  • Pentax Q10 review: The world’s smallest, lightest CSC

    The Pentax Q10 is the second in the Q series of compact system cameras (CSCs) that offer the flexibility of interchangeable lenses with a camera that is no bigger or heavier than many high-end compact cameras. Although the Pentax Q10 is largely based on the Pentax Q, the new model boasts several improvements to the performance and operation of the camera. The same reduced size Q-mount has been used, along with the relatively small 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor format that produces a crop factor of 5.5x. Paired with a 5-15mm f/2.8-4.5 standard zoom, the camera is priced at £379.99/US$529.99 (around AU$579), which is considerably cheaper...

  • Video review: Samsung Q10 HD Camcorder

    Below is our review of the Samsung Q10 HD Camcorder, a surprisingly expensive, yet exceptionally easy to use option for the amateur recording enthusiast. The digital zoom is wonky, the touch-screen is fiddly and the overall package feels too light and flimsy for this price tag. The video below rips it apart in full detail.