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All posts tagged "robots"

  • The human factor: Japan’s hyper-realistic androids breach the digital divide

    The idea of human-like robots have always been the stuff of tech legend. The theme of robots acting as humans and containing a consciousness, a concept that is still abstract to us and science, has been explored in the narratives of many books, movies and games (A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Bicentennial Man, I Robot, Terminator) and is no longer a subject of fiction, but now a concern of reality. Until now, attempts to create such androids have been rather disappointing. Yet now, in Japan, there are android news reader robots (via Inquirer) that have a scarily uncanny similarity to the human form and likeness....

  • KEECKER is the closest thing to R2-D2 we’ve seen yet [CES2014]

    You'll have to look hard to find this one at CES 2014, but it's a jaw-dropper. Imagined and brought to life by ex-Googler, Pierre Lebeau, KEECKER has just taken the wraps off its smart, connected robot. This is no Roomba. Billed as a "connected computer for lifestyle and home entertainment," this little guy is equipped with a powerful video projector and 360 degree audio and video capture system. It's sort of like an internet-connected projector meets media PC -- on wheels. KEECKER allows you to project movies, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, play video games and...

  • $150 3D-printed prosthetic hand changes one young boy’s life

    Rich Van As, a South African carpenter had a horrific accident, chopping off four fingers in a workshop related incident. On the other end of the scale was a South African boy named Liam, who was born without fingers on his right hand. Throw in Ian Owen, a mechanical special effects artist from Bellingham, Washington, and you get a 3D printed mechanical hand for about US$150 that has changed the boy’s life. After...

  • ‘I’ll be back’: 3D printed robot makes its appearance

    If you have not yet understood that 3D printing is going to change the world, probably more than what most other past things have, then this reporter feels sorry for you. You see, there was just one thing missing for "the machines" to take over and procreate to the point where they could rule: 3D printing. And right on time the first 3D printed robot makes its appearance. Made from 3D printed parts,...

  • The Kuratas mega robot: Mechwarrior revisited

    Bringing back memories of the popular Mechwarrior PC game and the cargo loader from Aliens, the Kuratas is a 4 tonne mech robot designed by Kogoro Kurata who got tired of Asimo and the tiny politically correct robots we have today. "When I was a kid, I thought there were going to be giant robots in the future. But no matter how long I waited, people were only able to make small robots, like Asimo. Eventually, I thought 'I can’t wait anymore,' and set out to make one myself," Kurata said. After nearly three years of hammering, welding and coding...

  • $8 million for your bionic mind-controlled leg… Do I get bionic eyes with that?

    Ever since the days of The Six million Dollar Man and The Terminator, being super strong and fast and able to see through women's clothes were the stuff of dreams for boys. Okay, maybe some girls too. Well, it's not far off any more. Zac Vawter has become the first person to traverse Chicago’s Willis Tower with a mind-controlled robotic leg. Yes you read that correctly. Mind-controlled. Vawter did his stunt during "SkyRise...

  • Mimbo, the iPhone robot emulates facial movements

    The human world is unprepared for emotive robots. Japanese robots with human-like faces which smile, cry and shout only create a larger gap in the uncanny valley. Enter Mimbo, a cardboard creation which more gently resembles human expression thanks to an emotive iPhone as its visage. Mimbo is a simple cardboard design wrapped around an iPhone. Anyone can cut it out, prop an iPhone inside and turn it on. Eyes, eyelids and a...