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All posts tagged "RT"

  • Microsoft will give you $200 for your old boring iPad

    Bring in your iPad to a Microsoft store, and get a minimum of US$200 (R2000) in credit. We're not so sure if this is a desperate move, or a clever sales technique. Either way, you can now grab a Microsoft tablet, commonly known as a Surface, for US$200 (R2000) cheaper at least. The offer ends 27 October and the gift card trade-in only applies to ex-Apple fans who have an iPad 2, 3 or 4. Only "select" Microsoft stores in Canada and the US will run the offer. Also, the iPad has to come with a power cord. Without it,...

  • Microsoft smartly slashes Surface RT price to $349

    Microsoft’s doing the smart thing and cutting the price of its (fairly dreadful) Window Surface RT tablets by as much as US$150 (R1 500) says The Verge. From 14 July, US-based store, Staples will begin to sell the cut-price RT tablets. Here’s the new price, in print. It’s a brave move, and a needed one. The sales for Windows RT tablets have been dire (1-million during Q1 2013) and analysts have said that poor sales can be attributed to two things: the high price, and “limited hardware options”. Hell, we could have told you that a year ago. Windows RT...

  • Microsoft Surface breaks free of Windows Stores, hits retail outlets December

    Great news for anyone who isn’t located next to a shiny Microsoft Store. Surface is going to hit the retail sector mid-December, says Microsoft. Plus, it’ll be the significantly cheaper Surface RT, which retails for US$499. For those who wanted to walk into a store and grab Surface RT and Pro, it could only be purchased from an official Microsoft store, but this is set to change, says Surface general manager Panos Panay. "The public reaction to Surface has been exciting to see. We've increased production and are expanding the ways in which customers can interact with, experience and purchase Surface.”...

  • Windows RT review: a great OS with baffling restrictions

    We've all seen what a revolutionary design overhaul Windows 8 has been for Microsoft's famous operating system. The snazzy new Metro interface can be navigated with a touchscreen or a mouse. It's a smart design for a computing landscape where the line between tablet and PC is steadily eroding. Of course, longtime PC users know that multiple versions of a new of Windows OS are nothing new. However, the varied PC and mobile world has warranted flavors of Windows 8 that go beyond the typical Professional and Home designations. Find out: Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what's the difference? Windows RT, short for Windows Runtime,...

  • Windows 8 to quietly integrate into Xbox 360? [Video]

    According to this site, Windows 8 may possibly spread the Metro love even further and with some luck, find its way in some form or another onto our favourite console, the Xbox 360. This may seem like a stretch, but bare with us. The video is a spanish commercial demonstrating "Un Nuevo Ecosistema" translated to "A New Ecosystem". The video is very straightforward, except for the product shots near the end. Watch...

  • Asus Vivo Tab RT review: an ARM-based Vivo Tab with Windows RT

    A Windows RT tablet for the masses, the 10.6-inch Asus Vivo Tab RT is also powerful, with its Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and Microsoft Office 2013apps. Built from the ground up for Windows RT, Asus's new 8.3mm thick tablet is a do anything device for work, travel and play. It's the Windows equivalent of Asus's Android tablet cousins, the Eee Pad Transformer series, and like those tablets it uses the same ARM-based processors you'll find inside your smartphone. It joins a lineup of several new Windows RT tablets, including the Samsung Ativ Tab, Dell XPS 10 and Microsoft Surface. Like the Surface, the Vivo Tab is also available as a more expensive...

  • Windows 8 retail packaging leaked, is simple yet eye-catching

    Care of this site, we now have the first shots of the Windows 8 retail boxes. The one on the left is standard edition, on the right is Windows 8 Pro The boxes are a visual representation of the Windows 8 Metro UI, which is soon to be renamed something else. Here's what else we love about the boxes. Microsoft's gone and injected the drop-dead gorgeous design of Adobe retail boxes into its artwork....