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All posts tagged "Smartwatches"

  • Samsung and LG unveil lastest Moto 360-slaying smartwatches

    It must be smartwatch Christmas in the wearables industry, because Korean rivals — Samsung and LG — have just announced new devices coming soon to their already numerous lineup. The LG in question is a Moto 360-killer while Samsung is looking for a more complete approach — it’s essentially a watchphone. The LG G Watch R Let’s start with the LG, though. It’s round, like the Moto 360, and that’s about the most important part. According to LG’s seemingly chuffed press release, the watch boasts “a refined aesthetic that is reminiscent of traditional timepieces.” And its right. The watch exudes a stately...

  • From Apple to Timex: the A to Z smartwatch guide

    Sick of smartwatches yet? Unfortunately, they’re here for the foreseeable future to enslave the wrists of the countless masses. While the technology is debatably still a relatively new breed, there is no shortage of confusing and overwhelming options on the market. From the stylish round-faced traditionalist, to the square button-laden wrist wrecker — there’s essentially a smartwatch suited for everyone, for all styles and all needs. With Microsoft and Apple yet to launch their contenders however, there’ll be even more options in the coming months for consumers to gloss over. For now, here is a list of smartwatches from A...

  • Moto360 pre-release review reveals one damn fine smartwatch

    Luca Viscardi is kind of a “big thing” in his native Italy, so naturally when Mister Gadget gets his hands on a smartwatch, it gets noticed. Especially so if it’s the yet-to-be-released Moto360. Spending an extensive few days with the gadget has let Viscardi form his own opinion of Motorola’s smartwatch, while leaking a few pictures and tasty tidbits too. And his conclusion? Well, he’s not quite sure what to make of it, frankly. Aesthetically, the Moto360 could very well have been designed by an Apple employee, with sleek and simple lines used extensively. Sitting alongside the rectangular LG G Watch,...

  • Focus, simplicity and greatness: envisioning the Jobsian smartwatch

    Apple was a company on the brink of financial destruction 15 years ago. After being bullied by Microsoft with the emergence of the PC and prior to Steve Jobs’ messianic return, Cupertino’s sweetheart had suffered a 30% slump in sales in the final quarter of 1996, with two further years of red financials. Jobs’ influence cannot be underestimated, but can be understood by the firm’s massive growth from twig in the sand to the post-1997 innovative powerhouse that it is today. His awareness of emerging public trends was mainly to thank, with products building on and bettering others previously released....

  • Why smartwatches suck and how ‘Super Normal’ can fix them

    We’re all aware of the issues with wearable technology in the modern world. It’s just not that practical, or, more importantly, wearable. As a result there are very few users, save the uber geek, who are rocking fashion from the future. Luckily, there is a simple solution that will catapult wearables, specifically smartwatches, into mainstream status. All they need to do is become Super Normal. The concept of Super Normal is a Japanese design philosophy that emphasises taking the mundane and adding a twist to make it extraordinary. Forty years ago Nike created a wildly popular running shoe by taking...

  • 5 reasons smartwatches aren’t a fad

    With the lackluster press reaction to the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, you may be thinking the smartwatch fad is over before it’s even begun. While consumers expected a smartphone-like device shrunken to be worn on the wrist, Samsung focused on optimizing the watch for on-the-go operation and a smaller screen. This first phase in the smartwatch revolution is about notifications, quick alerts, and hands-free operations, rather than freeing us from our smartphones completely. But if you take a closer look, there are definite signs that these wearable technologies are here to stay. With its integrated camera, message notifications,...

  • The ‘iWatch': is Apple working on a bendable smartwatch? [Rumour]

    Apple should start patenting rumours, as yet another one is leaking from its offices. This time the Cupertino tech giant is working on a smartwatch concept, the New York Times reports. The “smartwatch” concept is nothing new as Gearburn has reported previously, but with Apple stepping to the front it should be considered as major news. According to people-in-the-know, Apple is dabbling with a wrist-like device made of bendable glass. Could it be Corning Willow Glass? Corning Incorporated recently announced that it had developed a bendable glass that could “wrap around a cylindrical object which could be someone’s wrist”....