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All posts tagged "Tesla"

  • Tesla Motors sparks with 90 second battery swap service station

    The Silicon Valley based electric car company Tesla Motors just performed a flashy demonstration of a 90 second battery swap. It's all about making the Model S electric car a more attractive buy for the traditional petrol car owner. The little guy taking on the big petrol giants. The idea of refueling or recharging your car in just 90 seconds is pretty sweet for geeks, gadgeteers and petrolheads but more importantly, it simply beats the traditional. "There are some people, they take a lot of convincing. Hopefully this is what convinces people finally that electric cars are the future,"...

  • The Tesla war of words heats up in the California cold

    Tesla seems to like making a fuss if it doesn't like what people have to say about its cars. This is not the first time we have seen Tesla throwing its toys out of the cot because a review of one of its cars hasn't gone exactly as it wanted. Top Gear -- who the first case was against -- is known for ripping cars to shreds with its reviews. It's the way the game goes. Taking an angle of how electric cars don't last long on the road is good and well, but don't make up details that never...

  • Tesla releases app for its Models S electric car on iOS and Android

    Tesla has announced an app for its Tesla Model S that will monitor aspects of the car, change settings and honk the horn if you can't find it. Electric cars, especially the Tesla models, are technological marvels, perfectly suited for the gadget-obsessed and the addition of an app that lets you remote control your car adds to that. The app has various features that will allow owners to fully communicate with the car, allowing them to precondition the temperature while not in the car, check the battery level and switch charging on or off. Owners literally "sign in" to their...