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All posts tagged "Touch"

  • Ubuntu Touch finds its way to Sony’s Xperia Tablet Z

    Ubuntu Touch, an upcoming tablet version of this popular Linux distro, has been successfully ported onto the world's best tablet (in our opinion), Sony's Xperia Tablet Z. Unsure of what exactly Ubuntu Touch looks like? Prime yourself with this video first. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h384z7Ph0gU Right, so that's Ubuntu Touch then: slick, clean and mobile-friendly. Sony's Tablet is ideal for this OS, and thanks to a savvy user over on XDA Developers, we can now port this experimental version of Ubuntu Touch to this pretty powerful tablet. Let's see how, as explained by mamenyaka, the user who won Sony's Xperia Tablet Z as part...

  • Adobe launches mobile-friendly Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS

    After more than a year on iOS and Android tablets, Adobe has released a crunched version of Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android and iOS. Photoshop Touch for smartphones incorporates almost all of the image editing tools available on the tablet version, and is available for purchase at Google Play and the App Store for US$10. Available for versions upwards of iOS 6 (iPhone 4S and 5) and Android 4, the app can be synced with Adobe Creative Cloud, which means a user can start a project on the phone and finish it later on a tablet or desktop PC. Projects...

  • Netsurfer Touch review [Video]

    The Netsurfer Touch. They call it the people's tablet, but is it the tablet that the people want, or need? Gearburn says "yes" so have a gander at our video to see what we think of this wallet-friendly, Android 2.3 tablet. It's a great tablet, and one of the first to come out of South Africa. There's plenty to love, but also a few niggling issues which really let down the overall package....

  • Windows 8 is touch and tablet tastic

    Microsoft pulled back the curtain on version eight of its Windows operating system that has been designed for the new touch, swipe, pinch and prod world of touch-screen devices, whether tablets, notebooks or desktops. Windows division president Steven Sinofsky boasted about the diverse types of hardware that Windows 8 will run after its official release, stressing tablets in particular. Sinofsky was part of a Microsoft team that provided an in-depth look at Windows 8 to software developers at a BUILD conference the US technology giant kicked off in Southern California. "We re-imagined Windows," Sinofsky said. "From the chipset to the user experience, Windows...

  • HTC Touch “IPhone killer”: Nice, but no big deal

    I say this, because this new phone isn't a particularly dramatic departure in mobile phone development. The HTC Touch phone is still built on Windows Mobile 6, so it's not a new operating system, but rather a kind of souped-up windows skin. In fact you can very clearly still see the Windows Mobile 6 header and footer on the HTC Touch interface. So, as beautiful as the new Touch phone looks, I...