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All posts tagged "tron"

  • Huawei Tron, the Mac Pro-looking Android console [CES2014]

    In an effort to compete with the growing popularity of mini consoles (Gamestick, Ouya, Onlive), Huawei has unveiled a new mini gaming console called Tron. The Chinese tech giant showcased the cylindrical canister, micro-console running Android 4.2.3 at CES this week. Has the Mac Pro kicked off the cylinder shaped gadget revolution? One of its greatest selling points, and one that would most likely set itself apart from something like the Ouya, would be the fact that it's cheap and supposedly quite simple. There are two colour variants available, one white and one black. The console itself is a simple...

  • Razer TRON Keyboard and Mouse review: typing 2.0

    In the world of PC peripherals, Razer products are just a little different. Razer embraces the idea that practicality and eccentricity can work in harmony. A mouse shouldn't simply move a cursor across a screen. A keyboard isn't merely a tool for writing word documents. When Razer has its way, these peripherals become a bombastic extension of your very persona, with a design that overshadows the PC that powers them. Compared to the dime-a-dozen peripherals adorning desks the world over, Razer products sparkle. Furthermore, they’re gadgets catered specifically to the hardcore PC gamer, granting Razer God-like status in these...