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  • Unboxing the BlackBerry Classic [Video]

    We’ve been using the BlackBerry Classic now for over two weeks, and it’s a bag of mixed nuts. Cashews and pistachios though. Clearly BlackBerry has been putting in an inordinate level of care when packaging its devices in modern times, and it shows — the Classic easily has one of the nicest boxes of any 2015 device we’ve seen. The 3.5-inch 720p-squared screen, Snapdragon S4 Plus CPU, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage cocktail is protected from roughage by a premium black and silver cardboard shell. When popping the box open, the phone sits snugly on top, with its full...

  • Logitech G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse unboxed [Gallery]

    Logitech has been making some really cutting-edge hardware recently, with the likes of the all-conquering G910 Orion Spark gaming keyboard and the G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse. Adding onto the success of these two devices, Logitech launched another contender to the gaming mouse crown called the Logitech G502 Proteus Core. Read more: Logitech G910 Orion Spark review: the best keyboard you’ll ever use Always with the trendy names is Logitech. For starters, the mouse lives up to its changeable name, with a stealthy matte black and shiny plastic design approach. Fit with an oversized thumb rest too for the weary handed, the...

  • Unboxing the COUGAR 700M Black Edition gaming mouse [Video]

    There are few gaming peripherals that incite more unneeded fanboyism than the mouse. Glowing in an array of colours, with panels, palm rests and weights the gamer can obsessively tinker with, it’s probably the most personal part of a gaming rig too. Now COUGAR, a German peripheral company relatively new to the scene, has launched yet another device gamers can argue about. It’s called the COUGAR 700M, and it’s now available in sunny South Africa. Read more: COUGAR’s PC gaming peripherals coming to South Africa in December Is it something to get excited about? Well, if you’re one for numbers you might...

  • Hisense Pure 1 unboxing [video]

    Welcome to another episode of Gearburn’s new weekly YouTube show, GearTV. In today’s video, editor Steven Norris unboxes the Hisense Pure 1, a cheap and cheerful Android phablet with an excellent display. Does it have the quality accessories of a Samsung or Apple phone? Let’s take a look. GearTV is a weekly show that features gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to’s and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life. It’s a show we’ve designed for you, our readers, so if there are any specific requests you have — such as how do I set up my...

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2 unboxing [Video]

    Samsung’s recently launched the Galaxy S5 and its follow-up smartwatch, the Gear 2. Want to know what these tasty gadgets look like? Then you’re in luck as Editor Steven Norris digs into the fully-recycled packaging to see what’s inside. As usual, Samsung’s managed to cram as much as possible into its boxed products. But can the internals of the Gear 2 and S5 match the simplicity of Apple’s packaging? Let’s take a look inside.

  • ‘The Last of Us': press kit unboxing

    Here’s an unboxing of the best game of the year and for once, The Last of Us is deserved of that title. It’s a handsome box, with some of the excellent extras such as bonus multiplayer content and a cassette tape that is actually a… well, we won’t spoil the surprise for you. Recently, we wrote about how The Last of Us sold over 3.4-million copies, making it the fastest-selling game of 2013 and one of Sony’s most successful games on the PS3. What we’re unboxing here is the press kit edition of The Last of Us. It was selectively...

  • BlackBerry Q5 unboxing

    It came in a modest box with “Q5” plastered on it like a red-letter of shame. The US$500 BlackBerry Q5 is here, and it’s half the phone the Q10 is, literally. From only a few days of use, the Q5 feels very plastic and its qwerty keyboard was seemingly made for the hands of mice. There are some surprises to the Q5, such as the BB 10 OS which was redesigned from the BlackBerry Z10’s full screen format. Is a 4:3 screen better on a BlackBerry than a 16:9 display? From initial tests, we can safely say that the...

  • Acer Iconia W510 unboxing

    The Acer Iconia W510 is two parts of a juicy whole. The screen is sharp, the tech specs are decent and the price is just right for a product that is easily worth US$800. In reality, it costs US$650 and it’s worth every cent of that. You’re essentially getting two devices in one: a great Windows 8 tablet and a laptop when docked into the very responsive keyboard. This is just an unboxing of the Iconia W510, but our review went live a few weeks back. We loved it and said that it’s one of the best hybrid laptops you...

  • Samsung Galaxy S III LTE [Unboxing]

    Did you ever thing the Samsung Galaxy S III could get even better? Well it has, with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE. This phone is capable of incredible mobile speeds, but only in certain countries and certain areas to boot. But if you are in an LTE-capable area, then prepare yourself for a blazing fast mobile browsing and downloading experience. Steven Norris, Gearburn editor unboxes this mighty beast for your viewing pleasure.

  • Apple TV [Unboxing]

    Ever-excitable Gearburn Editor Steven Norris unboxes one of the cooler products Apple’s recently released, namely the brand new Apple TV. This tiny little black cube of magic connects to a TV, and streams content from iTunes. It’s a neat idea, as Apple TV also streams Netflix, Youtube and the ESPN sports channels to name but a few content hubs. So obviously we rip it apart and see what you can expect to get if you purchase the Apple TV.

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