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All posts tagged "Valentine’s Day"

  • 7+ games for the geeky Valentine’s Day couple

    February… the month of love, passion and most importantly, Valentine's Day. For some this is a time to embrace and celebrate the connection between them and their significant other. For others it’s a tender reminder of their perpetual singledom and utter loneliness. If you happen to fall in the latter group then this is probably not the healthiest bit of reading material… but hey! Why not read it anyway and see what you’re missing out on? If you do have a partner in crime though, then this list of games can, and probably will, provide you with the best Valentine's Day...

  • 5 gadgets and apps to better stalk your ‘loved one’ this Valentine’s

    There's nothing quite as exhilarating as having your very own stalker. And I speak from experience. Valentine's Day is perhaps the only one of the 365 available when receiving dodgy cards from overzealous strangers is wholly acceptable by society. Of course, what once (and still is, I believe) a Catholic and Lutheran feast, has become a massive money-making ministry otherwise, where millions of bills are spilled in the hopes of impressing that one person who has been impressing you for the past five years. But there's no need to make a move after all those years, not as long as technology...

  • My geeky Valentine: 5 gifts for nerds in love

    I have real trouble buying Valentine’s Day presents for my husband. Either the things I want to buy are a tad too expensive, or we end up lapsing into buying the things we both love, which include graphic novels, game related paraphernalia or tattoos. I have however done a bit of research this year and managed to track down some awesome geeky bits and pieces that I think would appropriate for the technophile in your life. All of these range in price, so it always of course depends on how much you want to spend, but let’s pretend for a...