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All posts tagged "Vodafone"

  • Details revealed: Smart Platinum 7 is Vodacom’s new high-end phone

    Local network Vodacom has teased a new high-end smartphone in its portfolio, reportedly scheduled for a reveal on 5 July (tomorrow). Fortunately, the teaser clip, uploaded by local tech writer Papi Mabele, gave us just enough information to identify the device, dubbed the Smart Platinum 7. Some of the more important bits teased are the camera (16MP, f/2.0 aperture, 1.12 micron pixels, phase detection autofocus), an image of a fingerprint scanner and a few shots of the phone itself. We already know that Vodacom gets some of its devices from Vodafone, so a quick Google search for "Vodafone 16MP camera" gives us... the Vodafone Smart Platinum 7. In...

  • Vodacom Smart Kicka review: tiny phone, big value

    We have yet another "budget smartphone" on our testing table. While the big manufacturers squabble among themselves to fit unnecessarily detailed screens and wildlife photography-capable cameras into 5" bars of soap, the other half of the industry is hell-bent on producing that killer yet extremely cheap smartphone. The recent spate of low cost devices haven't set hearts aflutter, but they have opened new possibilities for first time smartphone buyers looking to access the internet's Giving Tree. Vodacom, one of South Africa's cellular networks, has launched the Vodacom Smart Kicka -- the latest minnow device hitting the South African market -- and...

  • Smart 4 Mini review: an affordable, efficient Jelly Bean smartphone

    As I was set to retire my battered old handset, I was in the market for an affordable smartphone. That's when Vodafone’s humble Smart 4 Mini so conveniently entered into my life. I’ll admit that until then I’d not seriously considered this particular model. Happily though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the R899 (well under US$90) Smart 4 Mini. It’s not the sexiest or most powerful handset but the Smart 4 Mini still delivers a lot for its price tag. It can’t do everything perfectly but it does enough. This is a nifty little smartphone that can let you check...

  • Vodafone show commitment to Windows Phone 8

    Windows Phone 8 devices will be available from 6 February in the UK via Vodafone. The Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620, as well as the HTC 8X and 8S (Vodafone calls it the 'new Windows Phone 8 army'), will be the new models that will take the move forward. With the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X, Vodafone and Microsoft have two smartphones that can compete with the best in the high scale. The Lumia has the edge slightly with Nokia Maps, City lens, and it's PureView camera that "captures images like never seen before", yet the HTC...

  • Reviewed: Vodafone Smart Tab 7-inch [video]

    Once more into the heart of tablet darkness goes Stuart Thomas as he reviews Vodafone's 7-inch Smart Tab. It's an average tablet, with middling features and a whole lot not to like about it. So why the hell are we even bothering with it? Every gadget has its place, and every gadget, no matter how shoddy deserves a spot on the Gear. Let's dig into this bothersome wet blanket of a tablet.

  • The Vodafone Smart Tab 10: have we seen it all before?

    Ah man, the sense the excitement in the Vodafone boardroom when its latest product was unveiled must have been palpable. A tablet! And a 10-inch one at that! At least one person, caught up in a state of self-congratulatory revelry, must have dared to think: “Look out Apple, here we come”. Good news, Tim Cook and co. The Vodafone Smart Tab isn’t the device that’ll knock your company back to the nightmare days of the late 90s. It’s a decent tablet, but iPad killer it most certainly ain’t. Let me explain: Overall Design Look, there’s only so much creativity you can...

  • Review: Vodafone Webbook — cheap, plastic, nasty

    The Vodafone Webbook is cheap, incredibly cheap (around R1 500 ). As such, criticising it feels a little odd. It’s a bit like taking apart a soup kitchen for not having an internationally renowned wine list or the local corner café for lacking the nuances of haute cuisine in its cooking. Here’s the thing though, the Webbook feels cheap, something designed to throw to an unwashed proletariat desperate for the democratisation of technology. I get that there’s a reason it costs so little, but surely Vodafone could have given us just a little bit more? Allow me to return to...

  • Vodacom to release ultra-cheap web-focused netbook

    Vodacom, the South African subsidiary of worldwide mobile giant Vodafone, has been working on and is close to releasing a new, ultra-cheap internet-focused netbook it is calling the “LinkBook”. It marks the local subsidiary’s first move into the hardware game. On a world-wide level, this is one of the few times the Vodafone group has moved into an arena other than mobile phones. The device is understood to be an “internet device” -- its operating system geared primarily towards a web experience as opposed to the traditional offline desktop experience. The Operating System (OS) is open-source, Linux-based in an...

  • New iPhone available in South Africa July 20

    According to tech journalist and Stuff Magazine editor Toby Shapshak, Vodacom will be launching the new 3G iphone, also popularly know as the "iPhone 2.0", on July 20. Vodacom’s launch is part of a 10-country deal that Vodafone announced last month, confirming speculation over the iPhone announcement. The phone is purportedly slimmer and sleaker than the first generation iPhone. It also now apparently comes in three new colours. But, most importantly, it...