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All posts tagged "wi-fi"

  • HTC 8S’ always-on Wi-Fi points to new feature in Apollo Plus update

    HTC's second Windows Phone 8 specific device, the 8S, currently runs an always-on Wi-Fi connection, non-existent in other WP8 smartphones. This always-on Wi-Fi feature essentially means users Wi-Fi connection will remain active even in lock screen mode. Windows Phone Program Manager Joe Belfiore, who we're all familiar with from the WP8 event 29 October, said an always-on Wi-Fi setting would be a part of the first update for Windows Phone 8. We initially reported that the first update, dubbed Apollo Plus, for Windows Phone 8 would be rolling out to users January 2013. However full details on the updates contents...

  • Wifis.org – the Wi-Fi social network

    Founded late last year in Berlin, Wifis.org aims to help neighbours get in touch. The free service connects people through a unique URL that replaces your current Wi-Fi network name (SSID). Wi-Fi network names have been used in a number of creative ways: Instead of generating a chuckle, wifis.org allows people to get in touch without revealing their email addresses. The process is simple. Go to wifis.org and generate a unique URL. Replace your...

  • Review: Epson PX720WD for designers and photographers

    Big, black and glossy. Stylish too, in a big, black, glossy, oblong way, with sci-fi illuminated controls. The Wi-Fi enabled Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD is aimed at the creative professional or photographer - it's not too great at churning out the office documents, but it has a superb scanner and superlative six-colour inkjet printer for better-than-lab printouts onto glossy paper. Somewhat oddly for a non-office printer it has a duplexer for double-sided print. Epson position this device as the all-in-one “to complement your home” – although it’s strengths are definitely for the creatives. While it may do double-sided prints, blacks...

  • Review: Frame to Facebook with Samsung SH100

    It’s everything you want in a cheap point and shoot, and more. Remember every time you took a pic, and went, “Jeez, how awesome would it be to just beam it up to the Web or Facebook!” The Samsung SH100 does this via Wi-Fi – and there’s more! It also lets you use your smartphone as a remote viewer. How awesome is that? Not very, unfortunately. Only suckers and those who don’t read Gearburn reviews buy first generation technology. The SH100 is explicitly designed for the smartphone generation – the menus, the touchscreen, even the memory card uses smartphone-like cues....

  • App of the week: Air Display

    This week I take a look at Air Display, an app that allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad or Macbook into a wireless, additional monitor. When I was younger, I used to love watching documentaries and movies involving high-tech computers and robots. I used to marvel at the innovations and brief glimpses into the future, wondering if I'd ever live to see, let alone use, some of the gadgetry that was being used in these movies. Of course, if I look at where we are now, we're all pretty much using these things on a daily basis and taking...