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All posts tagged "Windows 95"

  • You can still run Windows 95 with this nifty browser trick

    We get nostalgic now and again at Gearburn, whether it's chatting about great BlackBerry smartphones of years gone by, or wondering how some savvy individuals get Doom running on Apple Watches. But this time around, we're talking about one of Microsoft's benchmark operating systems, Windows 95. Last year we saw Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch and the New Nintendo 3DS, but this time, we look at a platform a little closer to home. The Windows that I first experienced as a wee little boy can now be run on modern hardware courtesy of a web browser and some nifty...

  • This Nintendo 3DS XL runs Windows 95 without any shame [video]

    Would Microsoft and Nintendo ever shake hands on a joint venture? Perhaps not, but that doesn't stop dedicated fans and coding gurus from dreaming. Back in 1995, Windows 95 was a pretty awesome OS. It debuted with a usable-by-everyone graphical interface, and made simple tasks like word processing that much easier. But how far has today's hardware progressed? Has twenty years really made that much of a difference? Can a New Nintendo 3DS XL run Windows 95? Well, yes. Yes it can. In a bizarre video published on YouTube by Shutterbug20001, the 3DS XL boots into Windows 95 quite happily but it...

  • Windows 93 is Windows 95’s drunk cousin, but we love it anyway

    What was your first version of Windows? I remember it like it was yesterday -- good old, unreliable, crash-prone Windows 98. For those who remember a time when Windows 95 was top of the pops, this might make you a bit nostalgic. A webpage uncovered by one of The Verge's employees when they were supposed to be hard at work, displays and runs the lost version of Windows -- Windows 93. Built with JavaScript and CSS, this looks suspiciously like a rather elaborate coding project. Featuring gems like an ASCII rendition of Star Wars, countless memes of hamsters with machine guns,...

  • Watch this: Android Wear out, Windows 95 in

    When users booted into their Windows 95 desktops for the first time back in 1995, I imagine that there was quite an air of excitement in the room. Internet Explorer 1.0 came bundled with the OS for the first time, and at the dawn of the dial-up era, the internet was now finally a consumer possibility. Roll on 20 years, and technology has grown so voracious that Windows 95 can now run on a user's wrist. This is both a product of technological folklore and mad science, but it is wholly possible to port Windows 95 to an Android Wear-based...