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All posts tagged "Windows Vista"

  • 5 tiny programs that makes Windows even better

    Microsoft's Windows is a great operating system in almost any guise (let's not talk about Vista or 8 right now), but even it can be improved. Generally developers are tasked with smoothing out kinks and user-interface features that make said users throw their PCs from fourth floor windows, but even they can't find and remedy them all. That's where freeware developers and their gaggle of apps come in. These five little programs are essential for making the Windows user experience a little more streamlined and user friendly. Prio TL;DR: It tells Windows which running programs you want seen as important, which improves overall...

  • Patch Tuesday May 2015: Internet Explorer is this month’s problem child [update]

    Update (16 May): It seems that the relatively uneventful May Patch Tuesday updates have sprung a last minute surprise, mainly courtesy of KB3046002, which causes 64-bit Windows 7 machines to hang after installation. Typical. Although it might seem like a massive issue, the update itself addresses a Microsoft Journal issue. But there is a fix. WindowsITPro suggests cutting power to the PC in question mid-install, which should get the cranks moving again. As it turns out, it seems that the update just doesn't call home to Microsoft to tell it that it has installed properly, hence the hang. There hasn't been any...

  • January Patch Tuesday: one critical, seven important updates for Windows

    In what was a landmark Patch Tuesday for Microsoft, and not simply because it was the first of 2015, the company announced that it would not be making its advanced patch warnings public for its Patch Tuesday rosters, and this came into effect this week. While Google and Microsoft have been enjoying their little spat, the latter has pushed patches to Windows this month, with eight in total and one labeled as critical. The latter is namely a hole in the Telnet client, which could allow an attacker to remotely execute malicious code on your machine. It's pretty detrimental to...