A streamlined ‘Windows 9′ to become centralised OS for all Microsoft devices

Microsoft's forthcoming OS will be a one-size-fits-all solution, spanning across desktop, mobile and Xbox platforms, Satya Nadella confirmed. The move comes amid a spate of ...

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Xbox One August update turns console into Facebook, also adds 3D Blu-ray playback

xbox august update It's Xbox One update time again and this August the new Xbox Feedback portal has been put to good use, according to Larry Hyrb and Jeff Rubenstein. Painstakingly sifting through these suggestions and complaints, Microsoft's Xbox crew is now tending to its customers needs, improving the gameplay, social experience and user-friendliness of the Xbox One and its backend, in the forthcoming patch. Alongside the console's new 3D Blu-ray playback superpower (turning it into the all-conquering media player it ought to be), ...

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Killstreak confirmed: Microsoft shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios

Xbox Originals Logo The 18 000 job cuts announced by Satya Nadella earlier this week weren't going to go unnoticed, but Microsoft, for all intents and purposes, is on one massive rampage. After the newly-bought Nokia Devices and Services division suffered the first blow, the company is now slaying its under-performing Xbox Entertainment Studios. Just like the Nokia-Android X debacle, this move doesn't seem much of a surprise either. The division has been at pains to draw interest or projects in its relatively brief ...

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7 improvements that would make Windows 9 the best Microsoft OS ever

windows 9 leaked start menu There's a myth around the tech world that Microsoft follows up its blockbuster OS with universally hated sequels. This theory seems to bear true when looking at its dismal track record. Starting at Windows 95, the crash-happy 98 soon followed. Windows XP, in turn, was ceded by the unstable and heavily bloated Windows Vista. And now, Microsoft's most successful OS of all, Windows 7, is overthrown by Windows 8, a version destined to become its most hated OS ever. It's not ...

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Dying Nokia X range ditches Android for Windows as Microsoft cull continues

Nokia X2 lead Well, here's an unsurprising surprise. Microsoft's big boss, Satya Nadella has announced that Nokia's Android-based X range will ditch Android as its OS in favour of Windows. This means that the Nokia X2 will be the last Android phone the company will (likely ever) offer. Microsoft, in its bid to "evolve", has lined up some 18 000 job cuts in the coming months, with more than a third of those coming from the newly integrated Nokia Devices and Services division. Another ...

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Windows Phone 8.1 review: the OS we needed all along

Win81lead Windows Phone didn’t get the attention that Microsoft expected it to. Almost four years after its initial release, it is still playing the catchup game with competing platforms; iOS and Android. Windows Phone 8 lacked some really important features such as notifications centre and proper multitasking. Could Windows Phone 8.1 help it to gain the user and developer attention it needs? Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8.1 update during its BUILD 2014 developers conference earlier this year. It currently comes pre-installed ...

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Forget Xbox, Microsoft wants Kinect in our phones

Lumia 920 Windows Closeup Touch, voice, type, and gestures. Those are some of the ways we can interact with our phones these days. According to several sources, Microsoft is working on a new flagship codenamed McLaren. Not only will this mysterious Windows Phone carry a massive camera like the Lumia 1020, it also has 3D Touch which would allow you to operate apps using motion gestures. While the 3D Touch features are still hidden in Microsoft's basement, leaked sources suggest that we can expect ...


Upcoming IE looks to the future: supports Media Capture, Web Audio, HTTP/2

Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft has outlined its roadmap for the upcoming version of Internet Explorer, unveiling a list of planned technologies and features for inclusion. Among these technologies mentioned on the IEBlog, are many that its rivals already support, including Web Audio API (allows developers to natively process and manipulate audio in web apps), Media Capture API (allows native access to audio, image and video capture on a webpage), support for ES6 Promises and HTTP/2 (the next planned version of the HTTP protocol). These ...

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Microsoft debuts 12″ Surface Pro 3, its super-slim laptop-killing tablet

Surface Pro 3 Launch Event in New York City on May 20, 2014 The Surface Pro 3 is now official, after Microsoft launched its self-proclaimed laptop-replacing tablet at its Surface Event in New York. All specifications leaked earlier this week hold water, including the use of Intel's Haswell chipset, thinner bezels, relocated Windows button and a larger form factor. Microsoft reckons that the average user will eke out nine hours of web browsing and enjoy crisper sound thanks to Dolby Audio. The 12" Full HD display, the press release notes, will be housed in ...

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Windows RT’s failure equals Surface Mini no-show

Surface Pro 3 When Microsoft launched its ultra-thin, ultra-expensive Surface Pro 3 during a presentation in New York earlier this week, the internet was left wondering where the rumoured Surface Mini was. While a few of us hoped for a Nexus 7 or iPad Mini-version of the Surface, it was simply not meant to be. The reason could be down to a few factors, but blame can chiefly be placed on the shoulders of Windows RT and its failure to grab the publics ...


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