Winning: Windows 9 may be free upgrade for Windows 8.x users

Tomorrow could be big for Microsoft, as it launches Windows 9. With just under 24-hours until the company's biggest launch since Vista, Microsoft is trying ...

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Is the Xbox One the best console for South Africa? Not quite

xbox one image The Xbox One is like an unnecessarily tardy friend, always missing the interesting part of the party. Now that it has finally arrived, it's too late, because the PS4 is already rapping and dancing to MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." And frankly, it's difficult to see how the Xbox One draw attention away from that. Ready for #XboxOne South Africa? It's available tomorrow in select retail stores across the country. — Microsoft SA (@MicrosoftSA) September 22, 2014 After South African gamers have ...

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Incredible Connection launching Xbox One midnight in South Africa

Xbox One The never-ending wait for the Xbox One ceases tonight, at least if Incredible Connection has anything to do about it. The South African technology retailer will launch the console at midnight, 23 September at 17 selected stores across the country, for one hour. In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, the retailer will award the first ten buyers of the "must have" Xbox One bundle at each store, a R1000 voucher each, as well as a 10% discount on any other ...

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Microsoft to hold ‘Windows 9′ event 30 September

windows 9 invite We've seen the leaks, the shoddy screenshots and the German-techno desktop recordings, but now Microsoft has announced a "Windows event" that will likely see the unveiling of the company's latest operating system. Emails came buzzing out of Redmond yesterday, with a note a little less coy than Apple's terrible attempt. We're guaranteed to see the new version of Windows in action, at least according to the invite. For now, we don't know what it's going to be called. Anything from Windows 9, ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 9 Technical Preview leaked in bevy of screenshots

Windows-9-Preview-Build-9834-1410433937-0-0 Update: As if this couldn't get any better. The same site that leaked the pile of purported screenshots has just leaked a video of the OS in action. We wondered how the start tiles would operate alongside the returning start menu, and it seems "Pin to Start" functionality will overlap quite a bit. Additionally, the new animations are crisp and swift, which should benefit underpowered machines. But we have vastly polarised opinions in the office about the fledgeling OS, but what ...

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Is Microsoft about to buy Mojang, Minecraft for $2-billion?

Minecraft maps The last thing Microsoft bought didn't exactly work out too well. The company found itself in a massive spiral of loss which resulted in cutting numerous services and jobs from its payroll. Perhaps this is why Redmond is lining up a US$2-billion move for Minecraft creator Mojang AB. The deal, according to WSJ at least, "could be signed as early as this week", quoting sources familiar with the matter. With Microsoft's extensive gaming reach thanks to its Xbox boquet, gaming consoles and ...

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Windows 9 ‘Technical Preview’ may have click-to-upgrade system

windows 8 bsod There's no doubt about it -- the next iteration of Windows is forming behind closed doors at Redmond, after Windows 8's market share and sales slowly shrivels. While consumers eagerly anticipate what will likely be dubbed "Windows 9", there are some tasty details emerging regarding the Technical Preview coming to developers' systems before October. Prior to retail release, Windows 9 (codenamed "Threshold") will be put through thorough testing, both in developers' and users' spheres, as per all new operating systems. But ...

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HP, Microsoft readying $199 Chromebook-culler with AMD internals

hp-stream-14 There are two distinct trends prevalent in mobile technology at the moment. The first is building ridiculously expensive, world-conquering machines that can restart planets. The second is creating affordable devices for the people. Google has done the latter with the Chromebook, but now Microsoft and HP are also getting in on the act. According to Mobile Geeks, HP is readying its US$199 Chromebook-killer, dubbed the "Stream." Hearing Microsoft and HP together again would almost certainly suggest that Intel is somewhere not ...

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Meet the new 3310: $25 Nokia 130 plays music and video, lasts full month on single charge

Nokia-130-Dual-SIM-hero-1-jpg This is a strange move from Microsoft if there ever was one. After scrapping the Asha and X ranges from Nokia's fleet, the company has decided that it should remain in the low-cost phone market after all. Its latest offering? The cheapest-of-the-cheap Nokia 130, costing just US$25. Yes, it's a ridiculously low price and that usually means skimping on a few options, but for a feature phone, the 130 flaunts some smartphone-like potential. Yet buyers won't get a touchscreen, camera, or ...

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Windows XP, 7 still reigns supreme as Windows 8 gets minor UI fixes with ‘Update 2′

win 8 As if Windows updates weren't hard enough to keep track of already, Microsoft is readying yet another vaguely-named bundle just in time for August's edition of Patch Tuesday. And akin to the previous upgrade, it will be dubbed Windows 8.1 Update 2, not Windows 8.2. Why the marketing department at Redmond decided to go with the "Update x" moniker is beyond understanding. Regardless, this update is being billed as a minor UI fixer alongside a few more backend stability and safety ...


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