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Windows Store hits 13 000 apps and counting

Windows Store-Screenshot According to The Next Web Microsoft's Windows Store, specifically designed to enhance the appeal of its latest Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS', has reached the 13 000 applications mark. In a recent blog post from WinAppUpdate, the app store was sitting at the 12 985 apps as of 5 November. One can safely say that in the following three days, the store has hit the 13 000 app threshold. As Live Tiles and app integration tailored around the user is ...

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Microsoft Surface review: a smorgasbord of awesome

Surface In tablets, the big guns have big names. Apple has its iPad 4 and Google has the Nexus 10. And, if Microsoft is to take on the might of Apple and Google in the tablet space with Windows 8, it needs a big name of its own. So welcome Microsoft Surface. The new tablet isn't just the big poster boy for Windows 8, but for Windows RT too, the brand-new version of Windows 8 designed for ARM. Find out: Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what's the difference? Creating a flagship ...

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Microsoft and Devicescape team up to give WP8 users free Wi-Fi

Windows Phone 8-Data Sense(2) Microsoft has enlisted the services of Wi-Fi hotspot locator Devicescape in an effort to help Windows Phone 8 users curb data overage. This partnership makes use of WP8's newly designed Data Sense app which tracks and controls data usage by compressing all web pages to keep data consumption to a minimum. Devicescape, based in San Bruno California, carries a network of 11 million "curated" hotspots. These hotspots are constantly checked to ensure signal strength, speed, and reliability thanks to a ...

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Microsoft set to join gaming tablet arena with 7-inch Xbox Surface

xbox surface tablet The initial rumours back in June 2012 seem to be coming true. The Verge reported yesterday that "multiple sources familiar with plans within Redmond" have said that an Xbox Surface is well underway. The Xbox Surface will be specifically targeted at gaming and would possibly not be running a full version of Windows but a custom Windows kernel. Initial reports suggests the Xbox Surface will be a 7-inch tablet with a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM. The recently heightened security ...

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Opera 12.10 update, now optimised for Windows 8 and OS X

Opera 12.10 The latest Opera internet suite upgrade, 12.10, integrates several new features for both Windows 8 and OS X users alike. For Windows 8 users, Opera has been refined to take full advantage of the new touch-centric OS. It has been integrated for functionality on Windows 8's live tile start screen. The new update is also backwards compatible and will support use on all Windows 7 PCs. For Mac users running OS X Mountain Lion, Opera has been integrated ...

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Nokia Lumia 920 review: a standout Windows Phone?

Nokia Lumia 920 The Nokia Lumua 920 is the flagship handset from the Finnish firm, but it's no longer Microsoft's darling device, with the HTC 8X selected as the signature Windows Phone 8 handset. That said the Lumia 920 is the most featured packed of the initial Windows Phone 8 line up, as Nokia looks to regain its dominance in the WP market and ride the new OS wave to success. With its impressive spec sheet it's no surprise the Lumia 920 comes at a price, available exclusively for ...

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Samsung offers users a host of Windows 8 devices

Samsung Ativ smart PC Pro Samsung has looked to invest heavily into the Windows 8 touch-centric movement, with the release of multiple Windows 8 enabled PC's and tablet-hybrids. As well as being optimised to run the latest Microsoft OS, Samsung has also added apps such as Quick Starter which give users the nostalgic experience of the Windows Start Menu. Other enhancements see the integration of Samsung's S-Pen and the specific functionality of S Note and S Memo. There are three products which we believe to be Samsung's ...

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Kinect Fusion tool creates slick 3D models for eager developers

KinectFusion-1 Microsoft is working on morphing the internally developed Kinect Fusion tool into Kinect for Windows SDK. The tool will have the ability to take 3D measurements, develop augmented reality applications and create models of objects in 3D. This development has been kept secret by Microsoft for a long time. Excited yet? Game devs certainly will be, as this could change gaming in the future significantly and bring in a new generation of interaction. Game designs could change completely, with 3D modeling ...

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Microsoft to ditch Windows Live Messenger, opt for Skype instead

Windows 8 Skype-1 The Verge reports that Microsoft will be laying its Windows Live Messenger service to rest in favour of Skype. This process will take effect in the coming months and will see Microsoft utilise Skype as its primary messaging service. This development follows the heavy integration of Skype into Windows 8 and Microsoft's sizable investment in optimising the service after purchasing the company in May 2011. Microsoft's likely reason for siding with Skype lies in the app's massive user ...

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Civilization V, now optimised for Windows 8

Civlization V-Screenshot Fans of Sid Meier's addictive Real Time Strategy title from Firaxis will now be able to lead their fledgling prehistoric villages into sprawling metropolitans with new Windows 8 gesture support. The Windows 8 and Ultrabook functionality is made available through a downloadable patch released on 1 November. Along with a few bug fixes and AI refinements, the touch-centric ability is the most important aspect of this latest patch. These enhancements are specifically targeted to Ultrabook users running Intel Core processors. This does ...


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