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Office 2013 review: we go in-depth

office-ballmer-640 Do you feel modern? The next version of Microsoft Office - Office 2013 - gets the Windows 8 treatment, with a touch-friendly interface as well as new features, and goes to the cloud, with subscription pricing, on-demand installation and automatic syncing of settings and documents you save in the cloud - if you want to pay for it that way. The Office 2013 suite won't be on sale to consumers until Q1 in 2013 but the code is finished now, as is the ...

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HTC 8X review: the signature Windows Phone, but is it any good?

Winows Phone 8X-1 A splash of colour, Microsoft's latest mobile platform and a sleek new body are combined with more powerful hardware - is the 8X the phone to bring Windows Phone 8 to the masses? HTC's been in a bit of a weird position these last few years. From the days of anonymity when it made Windows phones for others, it rode the crest of the Android wave when Google's platform launched becoming, pretty much,the Android handset OEM of choice. And then Samsung happened. HTC's offerings ...

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The Ativ Odyssey: what will this mysterious WP8 smartphone offer?

Samsung ATIV Odyssey - December At Microsoft's Windows Phone launch event, CEO Steve Ballmer showcased all the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones. While most people were interested with the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, we were intrigued by a mystery phone set to release in December 2012 on Verizon Wireless' network. Dubbed the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, not that much is known about this WP 8 enabled Samsung device. It was initially believed that Samsung's other device, the Ativ S, would be the only smartphone ...

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Windows Phone 8 launches: What you need to know

Winows Phone 8X-1 Just a few days after the highly anticipated release of Windows 8 on 26 October, the mobile version of this new OS made its debut at a launch event in San Francisco. The importance of this launch event comes from the fact that multiple smartphone developers will be rolling out their new devices all of which will be running WP 8. The success of this OS is of specific importance to Nokia, which posted yet another quarterly loss ...

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Asus Vivo Tab RT review: an ARM-based Vivo Tab with Windows RT

vivolead A Windows RT tablet for the masses, the 10.6-inch Asus Vivo Tab RT is also powerful, with its Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and Microsoft Office 2013apps. Built from the ground up for Windows RT, Asus's new 8.3mm thick tablet is a do anything device for work, travel and play. It's the Windows equivalent of Asus's Android tablet cousins, the Eee Pad Transformer series, and like those tablets it uses the same ARM-based processors you'll find inside your smartphone. It joins a lineup of several new Windows RT ...

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Meet Windows Phone 8 [video]

Windows 8 Logo Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone 8 group manager wants us to "Meet Windows Phone 8" and after a very lackluster launch, I think we all need to get reacquainted again. This video walks us through some of the more popular features of Windows Phone 8 such as the Live Tiles, Kids Corner and multiple user logins. It's a good, lengthy video filled with wonders and thankfully, Jessica Alba. [jwplayer config="Post_embedded" playlistid="48374"]

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Modern Combat one of 12 game titles for Windows Phone 8 to be released by Gameloft

modern_combat_03a Twelve game titles have been made available for Windows Phone 8 by Gameloft, one of the largest mobile game publishers for Android and iOS. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, which is one of Gameloft's highest-profile title, is the most notable of these games to be released. All of the titles released will have some integration with Xbox consoles, such as online multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements and cloud storage. With a major game publisher backing it, Windows Phone might just have the ability ...

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Lenovo’s Thinkpad Helix spotted in Israel, where next ?

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix-4 This convertible tablet, which was initially believed to be a China-only release, has surfaced on Lenovo's Israel site according to Engadget. Featuring an 11.6-inch IPS-enabled touch display, the Helix is one of many convertible Windows 8 tablets. Backed by an Intel i7 processor and GMD HD 4000 graphics card the Helix packs more than enough punch to go up against top-end competition. The Thinkpad Helix also features NFC functionality and boasts an impressive 10 hours of battery life. Unfortunately no pricing for ...

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event is happening right now

Windows_Phone_8_release_date Windows Phone 8. The real deal, baby. Another week, another Microsoft launch. Last week we were lucky enough to take part in the launch of Windows 8. Today, Microsoft officially announces Windows Phone 8. Will there be any extras in store, or will Microsoft simply unveil a solid, yet extremely well-known OS sans sans surprises? Join us as we liveblog from San Francisco at 7pm CAT tonight.

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Dell Latitude 6430u Notebook review: no frills or flash

Latitude Microsoft held a gigantic event in New York City to herald the coming of Windows 8 on 25 October. On hand were a multitude of devices, from desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones, plus various pieces of hardware that could fall in any number of categories, all running the new W8 OS. Most of the devices were aimed squarely at casual users, but there were a few business class devices to be found, like Dell's Latitude 6430u notebook. The Latitude line has long ...


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