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Microsoft announce Skype for Windows Phone 8 preview available for download

Skype for Windows Phone 8-Preview Microsoft has begun a periodic release of its Skype for Windows Phone 8 app according to WP Central. This latest version of the immensely popular VOIP application is integrated in a similar way to its desktop counterpart. The app will be integrated into the WP 8 OS, running in the background with pop up alerts, notifying users of chat requests or messages from any of their contacts. The call chat functionality is also fully screened, mirroring what we ...

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Windows 8 Patch Tuesday will have critical updates

patch tuesday Of the 6 patches and fixes that will be available on Tuesday 13 November from Microsoft Windows update, 4 will be critical. It is considered Windows 8's first official Patch Tuesday, even though this would be the fourth patch for Windows 8 since it's release. The newest patches will have critical security updates for Windows RT and the Surface tablets it runs on. These updates are considered critical for every Windows user whether they run XP, Vista, RT, and Windows 7 ...

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Samsung Ativ Odyssey images leaked ahead of December release

Samsung Ativ Odyssey - EV Leaks After Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event on 29 October, many viewers were left intrigued by the mystery Samsung device that was set to make a December unveiling thanks to US mobile carrier, Verizon Wireless. Those sly folks at EV Leaks have once again given us preview of the device ahead of time. The image was posted on EV Leaks' twitter page earlier today. It would suggest that Samsung will be following the trend of its Galaxy S III mini, with ...

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Acer showcases its Windows 8 powered tablets, the W7 and W5

Acer Iconia W5-1 Taiwanese manufacturers Acer, unveiled a host of new Windows 8 enabled devices in Malaysia earlier this week, including the Aspire S7 Ultrabook and Aspire U All-in-one PC. The devices that did not garner as much attention were the Iconia W7 and W5 tablet-hybrids. These devices for us however were Acer's most interesting products on display. Iconia W7 The Iconia W7 is Acer's flagship tablet, set to retail for US$999, the W7 features an 11.6-inch full HD display with 10-ponit touch control functionality. ...

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Microsoft announce Windows 8 and RT patches to resolve security issues

Windows 8 Skype-1 Microsoft announced yesterday that it will release a patch for its Windows 8 and RT devices to address security concerns for both OS' on 13 November. The patch will resolve 19 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer and the .Net framework according to Computerworld. There are six updates in total, four of which are rated critical and specifically designed to patch flaws in Windows 8 and RT. These updates come a little more than two weeks after the release of the ...

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Is Windows 8 the most intuitive OS yet?

Windows 8 Skype-1 Many opinions are flying around regarding the Windows 8 UI. Some mention that Microsoft are trying to fix something that was never broken while others note that they’re tired of learning new UIs. Let’s face it, the Windows 8 UI resembles a mobile interface and it demonstrates the future of devices. This convergence of UI sees the space between mobile and desktop shrink even further. Are we really ready for that? Windows has, until now, been a universal operating system, lowest ...

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Is this the new full HD Windows 8 Phone?

windows-phone-8 Sina Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site, has sparked rumours of a new Windows Phone, after the marketing chief of ZTE, Lu Qian Hao, posted a picture of a not-seen-before handset with the Windows Phone logo on it, and tweeting some specs that it sports a full HD 5.9-inch display, 1920 x 1080 resolution and DTS audio technology. Those kind of specs are not middle of the range for a smartphone, putting this rumour solidly in the flagship model area. As rumours ...

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Windows Store hits 13 000 apps and counting

Windows Store-Screenshot According to The Next Web Microsoft's Windows Store, specifically designed to enhance the appeal of its latest Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS', has reached the 13 000 applications mark. In a recent blog post from WinAppUpdate, the app store was sitting at the 12 985 apps as of 5 November. One can safely say that in the following three days, the store has hit the 13 000 app threshold. As Live Tiles and app integration tailored around the user is ...

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Microsoft Surface review: a smorgasbord of awesome

Surface In tablets, the big guns have big names. Apple has its iPad 4 and Google has the Nexus 10. And, if Microsoft is to take on the might of Apple and Google in the tablet space with Windows 8, it needs a big name of its own. So welcome Microsoft Surface. The new tablet isn't just the big poster boy for Windows 8, but for Windows RT too, the brand-new version of Windows 8 designed for ARM. Find out: Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what's the difference? Creating a flagship ...

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Microsoft and Devicescape team up to give WP8 users free Wi-Fi

Windows Phone 8-Data Sense(2) Microsoft has enlisted the services of Wi-Fi hotspot locator Devicescape in an effort to help Windows Phone 8 users curb data overage. This partnership makes use of WP8's newly designed Data Sense app which tracks and controls data usage by compressing all web pages to keep data consumption to a minimum. Devicescape, based in San Bruno California, carries a network of 11 million "curated" hotspots. These hotspots are constantly checked to ensure signal strength, speed, and reliability thanks to a ...


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