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External drive support coming soon to Xbox One?

Xbox One Drive Support Early in April, there were reports circulating that Microsoft would be bringing long-awaited external drive support to the Xbox One. Now an image posted on Reddit by an official Xbox developer suggests trials of external drive support have begun in earnest. That means users may soon be able to use their external storage devices with the console. Currently this is not supported but Microsoft has been releasing updates at a rapid rate recently. No additional information has been leaked by the developer ...

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Microsoft tries again as it launches faster, larger Surface Pro 3 tomorrow

Surface Pro 3 With less than a day until Microsoft's Surface event kicks off in New York, the upcoming Surface Pro 3 tablet specifications have been leaked. Windows Phone Central has reportedly acquired the internal specifications and pricing figures for the soon-to-be-released third generation of Surface tablets. It would suggest that instead of freshening the Surface Pro 2 lines, the Pro 3 lineup will be a completely new model. Based on Intel's Haswell chipset, the five new tablets range from the baseline US$799 i3 CPU ...

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20 genuinely important features that will make you love Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 81 Microsoft announced a huge update to the Windows Phone platform during its BUILD 2014 developers conference. The Windows Phone 8.1 update brings with it hundreds of new features but how many of them are useful to the general consumer? We've listed 20 useful features, and many are game-changers for Windows Phone OS. Action Centre -- The single biggest feature in the Windows Phone 8.1 update is the Action Centre which brings in quick setting toggles and notifications in a single place. The Action Centre ...

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Netflix, Hulu no longer trapped behind Xbox Live Gold paywall

Xbox One Launch Event Well, here's some news arriving earlier than expected. After speculation that Microsoft will drop Xbox Live Gold's streaming paywall for services like Netflix and Hulu, the company has not only confirmed it, but added that it will offer refunds to disgruntled Gold subscribers.  That means those who wish to use their Xbox as a streaming media device will no longer need to pay Microsoft and the streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO). Additionally, users will be reimbursed on condition they fit the ...

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Finally: Xbox Live Gold paywall for Hulu, Netflix to die off

Xbox One Logo The much-hated Xbox Live Gold paywall may soon be relaxed, allowing all Xbox Live users access to premium content, ArsTechnica reports. Currently Netflix and Hulu Plus are only accessible to premium Xbox Live Gold members, on top of additional service-specific costs. But a move by Microsoft could see all 48-million Xbox Live users reap the benefits of these services without paying an additional Live Gold fee. This would include users of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles. ArsTechnica has also suggested that ...


No more mouse: Microsoft Research invents Leap-like gesture keyboard

Keyboard Microsoft Research's intuitive designers have developed an augmented reality mechanical keyboard - or more concisely, a keyboard with touch and gesture ability. The "Type-Hover-Swipe" project integrates "a low-resolution matrix of infrared (IR) proximity sensors" dotted among a set of a standard qwerty keys. Not only does this keyboard allow the user to type (or what you'd traditionally expect from a keyboard), it also gives the user the power of gesture and touch commands, much like Microsoft Surface 2's interface or the ...

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Microsoft earnings down but Xbox One and Surface (shockingly) sees growth

Satya Nadella, Microsoft. 2014-01 Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it's made a whole lot of money when it revealed its Q3 2014 earnings. A GAAP revenue of US$20.4 billion was announced with operating income standing at US$6.97 billion. Diluted earnings per share stood at US$0.68 while the company's net income for the quarter was US$5.66 billion. According to the press release, devices and consumer revenue was promising, increasing by 12% to US$8.3 billion. The strongest performers included the Xbox One console selling 1.2 million units, ...

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Microsoft Office apps debut on iPad, become most popular on iTunes

Office Microsoft's Office 365 suite has finally made its way to the iPad. After years of rumours, the iPad suite currently consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the less popular OneNote. Interestingly, Office apps became the most downloaded in the first few hours after their on iTunes. The three apps, with the exception of the tad older OneNote app, were ranked most popular in less than twelve hours after they were launched competing with the likes of Apple's iWork. While Microsoft ...


VLC beta for Windows 8 now out, get downloading

VLC windows 8 Looking for a reason to watch films on Windows 8? VLC's the answer. Today, the VLC beta finally launches and is available right now for download from the Microsoft Store. If you can believe it, VLC for Windows began as a Kickstarter project almost 18 months ago by VideoLAN. VLC for Windows 8 plays "any kind of video" and features MKV (1080p vide0) plus FLAC (lossless audio) support, two high-definition formats. One of the goals of the project was to ensure x86 ...

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Is Windows Phone 8.1 turning ‘Blue’?

Windows Phone Blue Is it all but confirmed that Windows Phone 8.1 will be called "Windows Phone Blue"? The screenshot above is reportedly part of an internal memo sent to teams within Microsoft, outlining the name of the new mobile OS says WinPhollers. The site says "it [Windows Phone Blue] is confirmed." but it's going to take more than a rumour to convince us. As most of us know, Windows 8.1 was rumoured to be called "Windows Blue" (after a Microsoft employee listed it ...


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