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Machinima admits it paid YouTube bloggers for positive Xbox One coverage

Xbox One controller Recently, news broke that Microsoft has been paying popular YouTube personalities for positive influence of the Xbox One. Video bloggers (or vloggers) from the popular gaming channel Machinima,  who featured at least 30 seconds of gameplay footage and used the now notorious tag XB1M13, were being endorsed. Since this sneaky revelation, confessions and outrage have flared on YouTube and Twitter prompting an inevitable public response from both Machinima and Microsoft. The promotion was first made public by Machinima's UK community manager ...

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Xbox One beats PS4 in near million US December sales

Xbox One Floating According to new figures released by global market research company NDP, Xbox One was the number one selling console in the US last December, selling a near million units. Microsoft managed to get a massive 908 000 gaming consoles to gamers' living rooms while surprisingly, the Xbox 360 continued to see strong momentum with 643,000 sold. The fact that Microsoft managed to beat Sony and other hardware competitors on both next-gen and last-gen console fronts during the year's busiest shopping ...

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Windows 8.1 Preview ends today, update or suffer restarts every two hours

Win 8.1 Running Windows 8.1 Preview and haven't updated to the final version? Then your computers going to restart every two hours until you do so. All preview copies of Windows 8.1 officially ended 15 January 2014, with users PCs now flashing "Thank you for using Windows 8.1 Preview. The preview is no longer available for download, and the license for it expires 15 January 2014. If you have not yet installed the final version of Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, ...

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Xbox 360 will still get ‘good games’ says Microsoft

Xbox One The Xbox One is out, but where does that leave the humble Xbox 360? In an interview with Gameplanet, Microsoft's Alan Bowman, VP of sales and marketing, reveals some hidden treasures about Xbox's past, and drops hints of where it's headed. Most interestingly, the Xbox 360 will still continue to get "good games". Bowman says that the Xbox 360 won't be dropped, both consoles will continue to receive games and software updates in "parallel". There are over 70-million Xbox 360 and ...


Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ could launch by April 2015

Windows 8.1 Windows 9, dubbed "Threshold" is coming, and Microsoft wants to put "Windows 8 in the rear view mirror" says Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows, one of the more reliable Windows rumour sites. At Microsoft's BUILD developers conference, taking place this April, major announcements are expected for Windows 9 as Microsoft attempts to put some distance between itself and Windows 8. According to Thurrott, Windows 8 is "tanking hard" and even the free update to Windows 8.1 isn't helping sales: fewer ...

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Sony in talks with Microsoft to likely launch VAIO Windows Phone

ht_windows_preview_thg_120620_wg Hints and past speculations suggest that Sony is working on a Windows Phone. The company has been steering away from the Nokia-dominated Windows Phone arena, and has thus over the years only focused on building Android smartphones. In a recent interview, however, head of Sony Mobile Europe Pierre Perron told TechRadar that Sony wants to broaden its horizons and is looking to Microsoft as an alternative. While there have been rumours and possible leaked pictures since last year, indicating that there ...

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Microsoft rolls back Surface Pro 2 update after battery and crash issues

Surface 2 Microsoft released a firmware update 10 December for its Surface Pro 2 tablet. Users were reportedly experiencing technical issues when trying to install the update such as reduced battery life while error code 80070490 became more widespread. Microsoft now announced that it has decided to pullback on the update. While technical software issues could easily be exaggerated, some people supposedly experienced a reduced battery life and system crashes. "Firmware failed for me. I have been suffering from Event ID 41(system crashes) ...

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Getac’s F110 rugged Windows tablet launches, is apocalypse compatible

F110 Getac, who is known for creating rugged tech products for "demanding" environments, has just launched the F110 -- an 11" Windows tablet "built to survive harsh terrain." Underneath the 1366x768 11.6" display, you'll find Intel's 4th gen Core I7 vPro CPU together with Intel's HD Graphics 4400. Furthermore, it has either an impressive 128GB or 256GB SSDs with 4GB RAM. It has an optional HD webcam on the front and a 5MP camera at the back. It has a USB 3.0 port, ...

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Next Windows update ‘Threshold’ could see return of Start menu

Microsoft Logo A new Windows is coming - its codename? "Threshold" and for those who were happy with the Windows 8.1 update that brought the taskbar back into the limelight, they'll be equally happy with what Threshold is supposedly bringing to the table. Namely the outright return of the Start menu. ZDnet was the first site to pickup any whispers of Threshold, saying that according to its sources, the update will run across all three platforms - Windows Phone, Xbox One and Windows ...


’12 Days of Deals’ is Microsoft Stores’ answer to Black Friday

microsoft xbox nokia windows 8 "12 Days of Deals" is the name of the special sale US-based Microsoft stores are running from 9 December, said a poster from forum SlickDeals. The 12 days are listed below, with a US$20 GTA V standing out as the most tempting bargain, for us anyway. All prices listed below are for the first 20 customers only though, so it'll be a bit of a Black Friday rush for most. Prices listed below are all in US Dollars Dec 09 - ...


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