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Nokia Lumia 925: thinner, but not all the way better

Nokia 925 WM_01 Ladies and gentlemen, Nokia listens when its users talk. I recently got my hands on a Lumia 925 and it's a big step up from the 920 I reviewed earlier this year. Although I thought that the 920 had some very fetching qualities, I just could not look past the weight. As an iPhone user, I obviously think I am really clever because I have been brainwashed by the cult of Apple. But ever since I used the 920 I ...

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Nokia suspected of releasing 8″ tablet dubbed ‘the Illusionist’

microsoft xbox nokia windows 8 Nokia launched its first Windows tablets last month to much astonishment. To a certain extent at least -- although nobody really expected Nokia to launch the Lumia 2520 10" tablet, a series of leaks spoiled the element of surprise. Today, leaks and rumours started floating around yet again suggesting the Finnish tech giant is preparing to launch a 8" Lumia tablet going by the name the "Illusionist". Evleaks, an account that has been pretty damn accurate with its so-called leaks, has blown ...

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Surface Pro 2 firmware update bolsters battery by 25%

Surface 2 When Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 2 last month there was much talk concerning the life span of its battery. A new software update now increases the overall battery life of the tablet-slash-laptop-hybrid significantly. The tests span from web browsing to video playback. The tests show that after the new firmware update, the battery life has increased by a maximum of 25%. Anandtech took the Surface Pro 2 for a spin and by browsing the web with Wi-Fi, Microsoft's tablet ...

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Microsoft cuts original Surface Pro pricing by $100

Surface Pro dollah lead Happy days for those of us who haven't picked up the first, and fairly  powerful Surface Pro 1 yet. Microsoft's just announced that it's slashing R1 000 (US$100) off the price of its 64, 128 and 256GB models. The sale pricing is available on the Microsoft Store, right now and the offer ends 31 December 2013. Currently, there are only two models available for purchase on the US Microsoft Store, the 64 and 128GB models, priced at R7 000 (US$699) and R8 ...

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Windows 8.1 ready for download

Windows 8.1 You heard us. Windows 8.1, the version of Windows that lets you hide the horrible Live Tiles/Metro/Whatever crap it's called, is now available for download. It's as easy as pie to do. Just click the link below this blurb: Click here to download Windows 8.1 And here's what you need to know, before installing Win 8.1: It's "free" But only if you're a Windows 8 or Windows RT user. If you have Windows RT, shame on you. It's terrible. But it's not free The actual cost ...

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Hybrid much? Windows Phone could soon be in your HTC Android

Windows Phone 8X HTC-1 Waking up to stories like these make us doubt our sobriety. According to a report by Bloomberg, HTC and Microsoft are in talks to add the Windows Phone OS to HTC's line of Android smartphones. Microsoft's head of OS', Terry Myerson, reportedly asked HTC last month if Microsoft could run Windows Phone as a "second option" on HTC devices. Myerson even discussed the option of removing the licensing fee per unit. That alone would significantly cut the cost of any Android/Windows Phone ...

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15 tips and tricks for becoming a Windows 8.1 pro

Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 officially launches as a download, retail copy and on new Windows PCs or laptops on 18 October 2013. Microsoft's added in loads of tweaks and updates to Windows 8, and has seemingly focused on restoring the power of the desktop back to the OS. The tips and tricks below will help you to gain control over this free update (naturally, only free if you already own Windows 8). Download Windows 8.1 Preview here. 1. Shutdown, restart or sign out ...

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Have an iPhone? Microsoft’s offering ‘up to $200′ for it

Apple iPhone We're not sure if this is smart, stupid, or desperate. Last week, Microsoft was offering an iPad trade-in service that saw users get up to US$200 in gift vouchers if they brought in their iPad 2, 3 or 4 to a Microsoft store (presumably so they'd buy one of its Surface tablets instead). From Friday, Microsoft says that it will again offer "up to US$200 in-store credit" for an iPhone 4S or 5. "Inside sources" from Microsoft stores say that from ...

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Microsoft presents Surface 2, Pro and Type, Touch Cover 2

Pro 2 From New York, Microsoft launches the Surface 2, another brave attempt at shifting some of the tablet magic away from Apple and Samsung. Surface 1 sold poorly, so what makes Microsoft think that the Surface 2 will be any better? First the price was slashed, then Microsoft said that you'll get a minimum of R2000 (US$200) off the purchase of a Surface by bringing in your old iPad. Was this enough to bring fresh meat into the fold, just in ...

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Xbox possibly headed into China’s piracy-stricken market

Xbox One Floating Microsoft, creators of the Xbox 360 and upcoming Xbox One, are over the whole "China is a pirates haven" crap and as such. The software company has formed a joint venture with Shanghai-based media conglomerate BesTV. According to a Polygon report, Microsoft and BesTV want to create the "Bestpad", a console based on the Xbox architecture. A note posted on the Shanghai stock exchange said that there's already been an initial investment of US$237-million. BesTV is one of China's largest media companies ...


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