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Second time lucky? Microsoft Surface 2 launching later today

microsoft surface keyboards Did you buy the Surface RT or Pro? If not, you're in luck. Because you managed to save both money and dignity by not purchasing the Surface 1. Yet today, Microsoft launches Surface 2 and the world will never be the same again. That's a dirty lie of course, and it's more than likely that the Surface 2 will also tank, unless it too receives a heavy price cut. If you're still interested in a Microsoft-branded tablet though, Surface 2 ...

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Microsoft Siri clone ‘Cortana’ coming to Xbox, PC and mobile

Cortana It was revealed earlier last  week that Microsoft's Siri-like digital assistant will be named "Cortana" after the blue holographic assistant from the Xbox flagship first-person shooter Halo. This personal assistant will be available on all Windows devices including mobile, PC and Xbox and is suspected of being a strong competitor in the field of digital assistance. WPCentral revealed this in a leak that indicated that Windows 8.1 will feature a new Notification Center, multi-tile select and more interesting design features to ...

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Microsoft will give you $200 for your old boring iPad

Surface iPad Bring in your iPad to a Microsoft store, and get a minimum of US$200 (R2000) in credit. We're not so sure if this is a desperate move, or a clever sales technique. Either way, you can now grab a Microsoft tablet, commonly known as a Surface, for US$200 (R2000) cheaper at least. The offer ends 27 October and the gift card trade-in only applies to ex-Apple fans who have an iPad 2, 3 or 4. Only "select" Microsoft stores in Canada ...

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Microsoft to present the Surface 2 and tablet accessories 23 September

microsoft surface keyboards Microsoft has started sending out invites for the launch of its new Windows 8.1 tablets coming 23 September. We expect to see the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 officially launched with both being updated versions of the Surface RT and Surface Pro released mid-last year. There's no word of any mini Surface though. The Verge notes that the Surface Pro 2 will have a two-stage kickstand with adjustable angles with the main design of both new Surfaces generally staying ...

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Xbox One now launching in 13 countries: most of Europe left in the cold

Xbox One Floating We were pretty bummed out when the news came of the Xbox One initially being launched in only 21 countries. Now, the number has been cut to an unlucky number 13. Only those will have the chance of enjoying the new next-gen console launch November this year. The eight markets that have now recently been left out in the cold include Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland. People who pre-ordered Microsoft's new console in these markets are said ...

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Ubi — the Kinect app that turns any surface into a touchscreen

Ubi Interactive That's right. Given the right equipment and Ubi Interactive's software, we can (and eventually will) play Angry Birds on our living room walls or go all-out Da Vinci or Banksy by making murals we can swipe away. With this touch-interactive projection software now available, we can use our Kinect to do all this and more. Pumping beats aside, the video shows how easily you could impress your colleagues during a presentation. If a dull click-button wasn't enough for a boardroom meeting, ...

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‘Mark your calendars’ – Windows 8.1 arrives 18 October

Win 8.1 coming soon Windows 8.1 is coming 18 October and is being rolled out in stores, on new devices or as a free update for existing Windows 8 owners. Improvements! Windows 8.1 has loads of them. In the official blog post from Windows, it says that "Windows 8.1 continues the vision we began with Windows 8 and is an example of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement for our customers." How wonderful of it. This includes a far slicker Internet Explorer 11 (Chrome is still better), ...

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MakerBot and Microsoft team-up to bring 3D-printing to the masses

Maker bot MakerBot Industries as well as Microsoft are upping the ante in the 3D printing world. The popular company responsible for easy-to-use desktop 3D printers recently teamed up with Microsoft to sell its popular "Replicator 2" 3D printer at Microsoft stores. The Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer together with MakerBot PLA Filament are now available both online and offline through Microsoft. Microsoft stores across the US will be stocking 3D printers together with a MakerBot service plan called MakerCare. The stores will ...

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Windows Phone App Studio makes app creation child’s play

windows 8 We all know that one of the main reasons Windows 8 is struggling with Android and iOS is the fact that its app store is quite limited. In efforts to counter this, Microsoft announced the opening of its new app building platfrom -- the Windows Phone App Studio. The platform promises no coding required from the creator's end and is supposed to be incredibly user-friendly. You can mess around with adding different images, videos, RSS and Twitter feeds -- all in ...

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Surface Pro discounted following RT price reduction

microsoft surface keyboards Good news for Microsoft's Surface Pro fans who can't afford it. The software giant is discounting the device by US$100 (R1000) for the month of August. First spotted by Tom Warren over at The Verge, the price reduction affects the 64GB and 128GB Pros. Just a few weeks ago the Redmond-based company announced plans to cut the price of its Surface RT product which, according to AllThingsD, "seems to have driven a massive US$900-million write-down on unsold inventory". During the announcement ...


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