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Xbox Music for web live and kicking

Xbox Music Web Xbox Music web version is here. While it was widely expected to launch earlier this week according to The Verge, but it’s live right now and new or registered Xbox users can sign up for a paid or free 30-day trial. Xbox Music web shares the Windows 8-look of the Xbox 360’s interface, has an adaptive interface and requires an Xbox Live Gold membership (US$5/pm) on top of the monthly Xbox Music Pass (US$9.99). The trial period automatically upgrades to the ...

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Windows 8.1 preview is here, and it’s free

Search Guess what? Windows 8.1 Preview is here. If you still care about Windows 8, you should attempt a download. As of right now though, Microsoft is saying that the ISO files needed to install it will only be available “within the next day”. But that’s what we’re here for, to show you why and if Windows 8.1 Preview is worth a download, or not. Windows! It’s “more you” now Look, the video above was fine but all we noticed out of the “more ...

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The next-gen console cold war: cutting through the crap

PS4 There was a time, when your choice in console wasn’t scrutinised at every turn. There was a time, when it was more about the games than the platform. There was a time, when a gamer’s first question to another gamer wasn’t, “Playstation or Xbox?” Those days are past it seems, and the Great War, which began almost a decade ago, still has the world in its iron grip. And now a new era has begun, more in line with the Cold War, a ...


Office Web App real-time co-authoring preview: is it the pie in the sky?

Office 365 Microsoft has given us a sneak preview of the up and coming updates to its Office Web Apps. The main feature will be co-authoring which has a collaborative split screen vibe much like Google Docs. While co-authoring has been available since Office 2010, the real-time collaboration feature across multiple OS devices is all new. These featured apps (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) will work across Windows, Android and iOS devices for free. It's also made clear that Microsoft is trying ...

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Intel’s Windows 8, quad-care tablet is a surprise mobile powerhouse

Intel Bay Trail CPU During its Computex keynote speech earlier this week, chipmaker Intel whipped out a quad-core tablet which sported a look very close to Microsoft’s love it or hate it-device, the Surface. The Intel tablet runs the quad-core Bay Trail CPU, a revamp of the Atom processors that have powered most mobile devices since 2009. While Bay Trail may be for mobile, Intel says that the new chipsets offer laptop CPU-like powers, reports CNET. These tablets are proof of concept only, so ...

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Acer Iconia W3 puts the ‘eight’ in Windows 8

acer w3 The "first 8-inch tablet for Windows 8," as Acer dubs it, is finally here. The Acer Iconia W3, is being launched this week and is available for pre-order tomorrow. Luca Rossi from Acer Europe mentions that the company wants to give students, consumers and professionals "a new and more effective way to take their fun and productivity on the go." The Iconia W3 weighs 540 grams and is merely 11.35 mm thin. Acer boasts the W3's battery will keep going for ...

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XBOX ONE: an all-in-one home entertainment system

xbox_one Microsoft's Don Mattrick summed up the vision for the Xbox 360's successor today. It will serve as the hub "where all your entertainment comes alive in one place," and will be called Xbox One. Introduced as an “all-in-one home entertainment system” for games and entertainment, Xbox One's shell harkens back to that of the first Xbox. The curves of the 360 have been hammered out and attributes to a rather austere and monolithic looking Xbox One. It doesn't shout gaming console, ...

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The next Xbox is here [live blog]

Xbox launch The time has come. After almost 12 years of gaming pleasure, Microsoft will today reveal the successor to its wildly successful console, the Xbox 360. The PS4 has dropped most of its secrets, but Microsoft has remained very cagey, outside of the Xbox hardware leak a few months prior. Live from Redmond, Washington Microsoft’s plans of world domination will come together -- not without Sony fighting tooth and nail to remind us that it’s also bringing out a console. Maybe Microsoft ...

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World’s first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet accidentally outed on Amazon

Windows 8 Start Screen If you love the size of the iPad mini or the Galaxy Note 8, but hate iOS and Android (what? It's entirely possible), then this should pique your interest: Acer looks set to launch the world's first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. Images of the tablet briefly appeared on Amazon on Friday showing an 8.1-inch device with 32GB of memory, a 1280 X 800 screen and retailing for US$379.99. The reason there's been a dearth of smaller tablets so far is ...

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Next-gen Xbox event at Microsoft HQ 21 May

Xbox launch Come 21 May 2013, Microsoft will announce the next Xbox 720/Durango. At 10am in Microsofts headquarters located at Redmond, Washington the next great console will hopefully be revealed on stage, unlike the PS4 hardware which remains in the shadows. The invite reads “A new generation revealed. Don Mattrick and the Xbox team invite you to the Xbox campus for a special unveiling.” Mattrick is Microsoft's president of Interactive Entertainment Business. Microsoft will broadcast this event on Xbox Live, as well as ...


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