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black friday south africa battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 South Africa servers now live

Great news, South Africa! If you’ve been slaving away on Irish servers, grinding rank, and avoiding the myriad hilarious but killer bugs, worry no more. Battlefield 1 servers are now live and kicking on South African soil.

Game developer DICE, along with the southern tip of Africa, will also be implementing new servers in Hong Kong and Dubai.

It’s been on the cards for a while, with DICE finally announcing the move in December 2016. But gamers (not at work) can take advantage of the local servers right now. They’ve been available since 10am.

Battlefield 1 servers heading to South Africa, DICE confirms

EA-owned developer DICE has announced that it will be bringing game servers to South Africa, pleasing the slew of Battlefield 1 players in the country. Read more…

According to DICE’s Alexander Hassoon, everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One can access the servers. They should be available from the in-game server browser.

For some users, the servers haven’t yet been a boon.

“I see a couple of ‘Africa’ Servers, they all still have 160+ ping. Not worth playing, can’t connect to the servers at all, tells me that there’s a technical error or that I’m not allowed to connect to the server,” one user writes on the Battlefield forum.

Some however suggest that they’re seeing ping as low as 30ms.

“We are committed to delivering the best experience for all our players worldwide and continue to monitor latency levels and geographical coverage for the Battlefield franchise,” Hassoon concludes.

The move comes just prior to the launch of the game’s paid-for expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass.

Update: Clarified server browser information, with additional sources added.

  • Jarred Cornwell

    they lying there is no servers in the server browser

  • Raleen Ramlutchman

    Search ‘Africa’ when searching

  • Rehan Pretorius

    I also cant find any servers even when i search africa

  • Ockert Jaco VentEr

    I found them yesterday but latency is still extremely high 190ms

  • Stefan Bosman

    I played a little death match and had latency of 6ms. Then later in evening no sign of africa servers. I assume they still having issues with the server launch.

  • Nicholas Prinsloo

    I was on the servers last night, and the highest ping I had was 59ms