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playstation 4 version 4.7 software

Update: PS4 gets performance buff, new icons with version 4.70 firmware

Update: Judging by comments online, the PS4 4.70 version firmware is causing a slew of issues.

4.70 Almost Bricked My PS4 – Anyone Else? from PS4

A Reddit thread is currently documenting the slew of issues plaguing users who updated the firmware today, from black screens, to disconnections to near-bricked PS4 consoles.

“Hey, I’ve just had a very similar problem. The ps4 got stuck on the wavy blue thing and after 5+ restarts it finally got to the main menu. Now I’ve got no playstation network connection,” one user writes.

“Not even the safe mode will work since the screen will just freeze so I cant even update manually through that. When the PS4 manages to Boot it will be stuck in the blue waves screen. Holding the ps buttom on the controller will open the sidehub tho [sic],” pens another.

Sony has yet to issue an announcement regarding the issues users are experiencing, but it’s safe to say you might want to play a few offline games tonight until the patch problems have been rectified.

Original article: Cue those stability GIFs, because the PlayStation 4 just got a new software update.

“An update to the system software for PlayStation 4 systems was released on 30 May 2017. You can use this to update your system software to version 4.70,” Sony wrote on its PS4 system software page.

The update weighs in at 324.8MB for those updating from previous versions of the software, or around 880MB for naked recovery installs.

But I guess you want to know what is new… well, that’s the difficult part.

According to Sony’s website, the company has added one new polished element to the firmware. Users “can now view match results for each player” in PlayStation’s tournaments mode.

As an added bonus, the “system software update improves system performance”. But you probably knew that was coming

A few eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit have noted a few other notable tweaks namely to icons. The new PlayStation Store icon displaying the stylised PlayStation logo instead of the more iconic circle-square-cross-triangle arrangement. Changes to the PlayStation Plus icon is also visible, but you’ll need to train your eyes considerably to notice it.

Those are the only seemingly obvious features, but considering it’s a version 0.1 tick, it might just be hiding a few more elements under the hood. A preparation update for version 5.0, perhaps?

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