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6 online multiplayer and co-op video games coming in 2018

In the last few years, humanity’s thirst for online gaming has been growing at a staggering rate. So much so in fact that, at the time of writing this article, each of the ten ‘Top Sellers’ on Steam  boasts some form of online multiplayer (with less than half even providing a game mode in the single player arena).

While this is an exciting prospect, as we’ll probably never run out of games to digitally murder or shame our friends in, this also means that we’re faced with an overwhelmingly massive and ever-growing list (a severe understatement) of potential multiplayer titles to choose from.

Fortunately for you, I have taken on the colossal task of sorting through this seemingly infinite list of upcoming titles, so that you’re adequately prepared to jump in. So, without further ado, these are some of the most anticipated online multiplayer and co-op games coming in 2018…

Sea of Thieves – TBC 2018

Sea of Thieves is a quirky pirate-themed team-based co-op game where you and your teammates will be set loose in an open-world filled with booty, quests, and a string of dangers. The game will require players to focus heavily on team work. For instance, when controlling a ship, one player will steer, while the others either unfurl sails, load and fire cannons, or get drunk on rum and merry up the deck with a few pirate shanties (which can be collected as you progress through the game).

As a shared-world game, you will also regularly encounter other players, and seeing as a pirate’s greed is greater than its sense of community, these encounters will probably mean a harsh exchange of cannonballs and sword swings.

Ascent: Infinite Realm – TBC 2018

Seeing as Ascent: Infinite Realm is being developed by Blue Hole, the developers of the global phenomenon known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it’s probably one of the most anticipated titles on this list.

Ascent will take place in an open-world that mashes up a “steampunk setting with high fantasy elements”. Imagine an Elf emptying a rotating hand cannon on a colossal crocodile creature, and you’ll have a good idea of where this game is heading.

Details on the project are still scarce but, considering the information released thus far, Blue Hole is looking to outdo PUBG in terms of scale and ambition.

Anthem – Q4 2018

The controversy surrounding EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II and Bioware’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, there is some scepticism surrounding the future of Anthem. But, putting controversy aside, Anthem does look like it could be one of 2018’s most exciting co-op multiplayer games.

In Anthem, you take on the role of a Freelancer (basically a freelance mercenary) who will be tasked with taking down monsters and marauder groups. The gameplay is based around customisable and class-based ‘Javelin’ suits, which give Freelancers an extra edge in combat. Much like the Destiny games, Anthem will be a combination of single player and multiplayer game modes.

A Way Out – 23 March 2018

A Way Out is an innovative co-op only title that can be played via split-screen or online. Players take on the role of one of two prisoners, Vincent or Leo, who are looking to escape the confines of their unfortunate situation and exact revenge on the bastards that put them there. Each character boasts his own personality, with Leo being the hothead and Vincent being the calm and collected one.

As a strictly co-op game, you and your partner in crime will have to constantly be working together to progress through the game. According to the few trailers we’ve seen, A Way Out will provide you with the opportunity to sneak, run, and shoot your way to freedom and redemption.

Metal Gear Survive- February 2018

With Metal Gear Survive, Konami is looking to blend the popularity of zombie horde shooters and the Metal Gear name into an explosive cooperative multiplayer package. The game will take place between the events of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain with Mother Base (a location in Phantom Pain) and its soldiers being sucked into an alternative reality filled with crystal headed
zombies. You will play as one of these soldiers and will have to work together with other players to get back home.

The game will take a bit more of a hardcore approach than other horde shooters, with player having to take on various statuses such as thirst, hunger, and oxygen. One important thing to note is that Metal Gear Survive will be the first big-budget Metal Gear title that doesn’t involve the divine touch of Hideo Kojima.

Skull and Bones – Q3/Q4 2018

Inspired by the popularity of the naval warfare in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Ubisoft brings us the graphically stunning Skull and Bones. In this title you take control of your player-customised Captain and crew (each player will control a ship, with its crew being AI-controlled) and fight for dominance of the open seas.

While there will be a single-player campaign to indulge in, the main focus of Skull and Bones will be PvP battles in the ‘Disputed Waters’ game mode. Here players will try to destroy each other’s ships with the main aim of gathering loot. The player with the most loot at the end of a battle takes the win.

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