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carpe lijiang fusion uprising widowmaker

Carrying in the Overwatch League: Carpe’s remarkable Widow play on Lijiang

They say you can’t carry in Overwatch League. Carpe would like a quick word.

In last night’s match between Boston Uprising and Philly Fusion, Lijang Tower stood out at one of the more competitive maps in the series. Scored at 1-1 heading to Night Market, Fusion secured a 99%-0% overtime play, when Striker popped Rocket Barrage wiping out Fusion’s supports and tanks on the point.

Up stepped Philly’s DPS duo of EQO and Carpe. Moments before Uprising retook the point, Fusion’s Pharah and Widowmaker wiped out five Boston players in a carry that left Uber speechless.

Yes, that’s Carpe hitting four headshots in a row (during Striker’s equally impressive split 4K).

His point of view is even more remarkable.

Philly Fusion went on to win Lijiang, and eventually won the series 3-1.

H/T: Reddit

Feature image: Overwatch/Blizzard Entertainment

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Andy Walker
Camper by day, run-and-gunner by night, Andy prefers his toast like his coffee -- dark and crunchy. Fuelled by his belief that PvZ: GW2 is 2016's game of the year, Andy also dabbles in the odd hard news story over on Memeburn. More