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All posts by Andy Walker

  • AMD reveals the 7nm Radeon VII GPU with 16GB HBM2 and 1.8GHz clock

    Not to be outdone by the swarm of smart TVs and alarm clocks, CPU and GPU maker AMD on Wednesday announced its new flagship graphics card at CES 2018, the Radeon VII. The company claims it's the world's first 7nm GPU, built by TSMC, and is by far the company's fastest graphics card. https://twitter.com/Radeon/status/1083060489456742401 For one, clockspeed is up to 1800MHz from the 1500MHz-ish of the outgoing RX Vega 64. This is largely thanks to the Vega 20 GPU. For quiet computing enthusiasts, the company's also ditched the blower-style cooler in favour of a triple-fan setup for the reference card. Memory remains HBM2 but...

  • Lexar’s first 1TB SD card will set you back $499

    If you use your camera religiously to record your entire life in 4K, you may want to pay close attention to Lexar's latest news. At CES 2019 on Wednesday, the company unveiled its first 1TB SD card available to purchase. For statistics heads, the card features read speeds of 95MB/s and writes of 70MB/s. But speed isn't quite important when you're buying a 1TB card. Lexar's pricing it at US$499, making it the same price as the launch edition of the PS4. Feature image: Lexar

  • Hisense U30 sports punch-hole screen, tasty mid-range specs

    We've heard little from Hisense since the H12 (pictured above) finally arrived in South Africa late last year, but at CES 2019 in Vegas, the company lifted the covers on what could be its next mid-range contender. And it's rather exciting on paper too. Dubbed the Hisense U30, the phone features a 6.3 inch 2340x1080 LCD screen. More interestingly, it also has a punch-hole camera, which houses a 20MP selfie camera. Yes, and that means no notch, just a hole in the screen's top left hand side. At the rear, Hisense employs a 48MP primary camera and a 5MP depth sensor alongside it. Internally,...

  • Acer’s Predator Triton 900 is an R85k convertible gaming laptop

    Gaming laptops are known for being flashy peacocking devices with loads of RGB and bulky builds. But Acer's newest contender bucks this trend somewhat. The Predator Triton 900 is a "convertible" with a touchscreen design slotted into a hinge design you'd more likely find on an expensive airplane tray table than laptop. That said, it's pretty cool. It's a CNC-machined Ezel Aero Hinge that allows the 4K IPS 17 inch screen to flip, recline or prop near vertically. This might sound like odd design for a gaming machine, but Acer wants users -- non-gaming users -- to take advatange of the processing...

  • LG Q9 is a reheated G7 Fit for students

    LG has this week launched a new phone, but it's not a flagship. Instead its a new entry to its Q-series, the LG Q9. The phone is a curious move for the Korean company. Although it's set to debut in the country for US$450, it'll only be available in six months time. Stranger still is the spec sheet, which looks an awful lot like the LG G7 Fit which it launched back in August 2018. The Q9 features a now customary large, fairly dense and notched screen of 6.1 inches with a 3120x1440 resolution. LG also claims it's the brightest in its...

  • These smartphone makers are launching 5G phones in 2019

    Brace yourselves, 5G is set to become as annoying marketing jargon in 2019 as waterdrop notches, AI, and foldable displays are already. But that doesn't mean the tech is DOA. 5G has intrinsic value for consumers, arriving with faster speeds and better call quality among other benefits. But which companies are focusing on the next generation mobile tech? Here are a handful that have announced their intentions to launch a device with 5G capabilities in 2019. OnePlus You're not getting the headphone jack back, OP fans, but OnePlus is planning to launch a phone with 5G support in 2019. According to a report by...

  • 5 fun video games for the family that aren’t Fortnite

    Don't be fooled, parents. Games aren't evil. They can actually be incredibly beneficial for the development of childrens' faculties. They encourage puzzle solving, improve hand-and-eye coordination, and can even teach them important character lessons. Obviously, some games are nothing but bullet fests (yes, even if the characters have incredible dancing skills), but there are some games that your kids, and you, will love. Here are five that have made their debut on a bevy on platforms in recent years. Super Mario Maker Image: Nintendo What it teaches your kid: Because it's essentially four Mario games in one, it teaches patience beyond measure, and puzzle solving...

  • 3 smartphone design fads from 2018 we absolutely hated

    We've seen some pretty stupid smartphone fads in 2018. From the obnoxious, to the courageous, to the insane, and the arguably unneeded, we take a look at the year in smartphones from the point of view of a jaded marketing executive. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is great. There's no denying this. It allows apps and phones to recognise flowers and buildings, and spit out highly relevant information. (All this without visiting a single Wikipedia page.) But when a smartphone maker centres its entire marketing programme on this feature, we have to just sit back and shake our heads. For starters, a smart...

  • Nokia 7.1 review: living in its sister’s shadow

    I love surprises. Don't you? When I got the Nokia 7.1 for review -- rather spontaneously an unannounced, I should add -- I was largely expecting the device to disappoint. The Nokia 5.1 did. Its lack of a real strong point made it difficult to care about it, or even mention in important conversations. Earlier this year, I also reviewed the stellar Nokia 7 Plus, a phone which was the complete opposite. It was a breath of fresh air, and cost about the same as the 7.1. It had flagship aspirations, and back then, I called it the best phones of 2018. But,...

  • Overwatch League Season 2 kicks off with huge Fusion-Spitfire rematch

    Akin to a World Cup opening match between Brazil and France, the Overwatch League's second season kicks off with a Championship rematch. https://twitter.com/overwatchleague/status/1070492650996973568 London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion contested Season 1's grand finale, in which the British team triumphed. On 14 December 2019, the teams will open the second season of the Overwatch League. It'll be quite the Valentine's Day for both teams. But forget the first match, the remaining three matches on the first day's schedule is one for copious amounts of Mountain Dew and Doritos: Stage 3 champion Boston Uprising takes on highest-placed Season 1 team New York Excelsior.Highest placed team in...