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All posts by Angela Freeman

Angela Freeman
Angela is a freelance tech, travel and health writer. When she isn't writing she is hiking, playing guitar and attempting to cook.
  • 13 of the best tablet apps for graphic designers

    Everyone's using tablet computers these days, even graphic designers. But designers need maximum functionality on the go, including sophisticated graphics capabilities, vector graphics, image manipulation and drawing tools. Here are a few of the best tablet applications that will make even the most advanced graphic designers swoon. ColorStrokes HD: Add Colors to Monochrome Images with a Click -- US$2.99 Some of the coolest images to hit the market today are monochrome images with a splash of bright colors. The ColorStrokes HD app lets graphic designers make a color splash from the train, plane or bus, without the usual hassle of using...

  • Become a Ghostbuster with these 8 paranormal apps

    Ghost hunting is the next big phenomenon, to the point where it's become even more popular than zombies. A lot of paranormal fans are definitely interested in creating their own ghost tracking teams, so if you have the fever and aren’t afraid of ghosts, who you gonna call? Don't call anyone, just download these apps on your phone. Please note that the apps are a combination of iOS and Android. Ghosthunting Toolkit For US$3.99, you get a lot of busting for your buck with this app. You'll feel ready to join the ranks of famous ghost hunters, from Dr. Peter Venkman...

  • 9 deadly sins that are killing your computer

    The death of your PC or laptop may be closer than you think, especially if you're guilty of not taking proper care of your precious portal to the internet. Computers need loving care and bad user habits are the top reason they go to tech heaven. Are you guilty of these nine bad habits? 1. Always using sleep mode Many PCs and laptops have a sleep mode where after a set time limit, the screen goes dark and your machine seems peaceful and relaxed. Unfortunately, sleep mode still uses electricity so your computer isn't really "off." Rather follow the steps to...