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All posts by Bethanie Palma Markus

Bethanie Palma Markus
Bethania Palma Markus is famous for one thing: having a really, really long name. If you can pronounce it, you are a superior pronouncer of words. In case you haven't deduced from her third name, she is Kristian's wife. Oh, the nepotism! She's also a long-time journalist and freelance writer for a variety of news outlets.
  • Exoskeleton hand lets you interact with the virtual world

    The first thing I thought of when I saw video demonstrations of Dexmo, an exoskeleton hand that uses force feedback to remotely control a virtual hand, is the movie Elysium. In that film, Matt Damon wears an exoskeleton over his entire body that gives him extra-human strength and the ultimate result is free health care for everyone in the dystopian future. The makers of Dexmo, Dexta Robotics, claim the device can be used for more modest and practical purposes than saving the world Hollywood-style. The self-described collective of “hardcore roboticists” made a demonstration video that shows the virtual hand being...