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All posts by Hadlee Simons

  • Mini NES: it’s been hacked to run Linux

    Those who've been keeping up with the Nintendo Mini NES console will know that the system lacks USB ports, microSD card slots or any other traditional form of storage expansion. But that hasn't stopped one enterprising Japanese hacker from installing his own Linux kernel on the Famicom Mini - Japan's version of the Mini NES. The Mini NES features hardware that has more in common with a cheap, old Android phone than anything else The Japanese version of the console differs somewhat from the Mini NES, featuring a different design but the same internal hardware. However, the games library also differs from the...

  • Someone recreated a late skater’s video in Skate 3

    A void has been left in the world of skateboarding after prominent skater Dylan Rieder passed away from cancer last month. In what must have been a time-consuming endeavour, a fan painstakingly recreated the Gravis video (h/t: reddit), starring the late skateboarder, in Skate 3. From the actual environments to tricks executed, the video matches up in an eerily accurate fashion. Feeling up to the challenge of making your own Skate 3 clips but don't want to drag out the Xbox 360? Well, Skate 3 is the newest backwards compatible game on Xbox One. Check out the impressive edit below.

  • Here’s what to know before buying a R1000 smartphone [Tech Savvy SA]

    Tech Savvy SA is a series of articles on Gearburn and Memeburn that aims to deliver useful, locally relevant advice to the average South African. This week, we look at the key numbers and specifications to look out for when buying a R1000 smartphone. Budget smartphones are the lifeblood of many emerging markets, being used by the majority of citizens. After all, who can afford a R11 000 smartphone, right? However, you don't want to get duped by an overpriced store -- use our guide to buying a R1000 smartphone. How much power should you be getting? Generally speaking, your R1000 (and under) mobile device...

  • Why should you get a phone with a fingerprint scanner?

    Fingerprint scanners have been on smartphones for a while now, starting way back in 2011 with Motorola. Unfortunately that effort wasn't exactly great by any measure. It took 2013's iPhone 5s for a great fingerprint scanner to emerge, as the industry swiftly followed suit with scanners of their own. But why should you care about the technology? Well, aside from unlocking your phone, there are quite a few cool uses for a fingerprint scanner... Fingerprint scanners have become a key feature in many smartphones these days For one, you can use the scanner to purchase digital goods such as music, movies and apps. This...

  • 5 seriously odd things Xiaomi also sells

    From smartphones and tablets to fitness bands and streaming boxes, Xiaomi sells a wide variety of tech products. Did you know the company sells rice cookers and drones too? Well, here are a few more offbeat products the Chinese firm has in its stable. Mi Qicycle Electric bicycles (or e-bikes) are massive in China, as scores of people zip around city streets instead of walking or taking the bus. So it makes sense then for Xiaomi to release a product of its own in this regard, in the form of the Mi Qicycle range. And by far its most distinctive feature is...

  • Skate 3 is finally backwards compatible on Xbox One

    In news that may have made my month, Skate 3 has finally been made backwards compatible on Xbox One. To mark the occasion, the San Van Party Pack downloadable content has also been made free until 20 November. Skate 3 was right up there with Call of Duty: Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption as one of the most requested BC titles The third game in the EA Skate franchise was widely praised upon its release, offering the same intuitive control scheme, an expanded trick list and a new hardcore mode for enthusiasts. The game also gained loads of attention thanks to its...

  • Sara Is Missing and Keepy Ducky: this week’s top mobile games

    Welcome to Gearburn's Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens. It's time for another look at the world of mobile games, featuring a little something for everyone as usual. Our standout picks? Well, you should check out Sara Is Missing and Galaga Wars, but the rest are decent as well. Galaga Wars (free - Android, iOS) We've seen a couple of retro or retro-inspired franchises in recent weeks, and now it's Galaga's turn. The classic arcade shooter franchise has you taking out waves of enemies...

  • WWE 2K17 [Xbox One] review: it’s not a Rock Bottom for the series

    Last year's WWE 2K16 is a tough act to follow, having substantially built upon the barebones foundation set by the first current-gen pro wrestling game. There was definitely room for improvement though, but between the plethora of little details and the Showcase Mode, it was a great experience for fans and lapsed fans alike. So it makes you wonder how the developers would move forward with WWE 2K17... Inside the squared circle In terms of actual gameplay, you're looking at pretty much the same experience as last year's video game. So that means a semi-realistic pace, a "tap/hold button for weak/strong...

  • Orange Pi PC 2: want a cheaper Raspberry Pi?

    Single board computers are all the rage these days, thanks to the wildly popular Raspberry Pi computers. The range has sold ten million units since launching in 2012, in no small part due to the US$35 price tag. The industry has exploded since then, as scores of single-board computers have emerged. Now, the latest Raspberry rival has launched in the form of the Orange Pi PC 2, bringing a competitive price tag as well. Available online for around US$20, the Orange Pi PC 2 delivers an AllWinner quad-core A53 processor, Mali 450 GPU and 1GB of RAM. Other notable specs include three USB ports,...

  • Xiaomi Redmi 4 official: so what’s new?

    Xiaomi has officially taken the wraps off the Redmi 4 smartphone, coming in standard, Pro and Redmi 4A flavours. The standard Redmi 4 comes with a budget-minded Snapdragon 430 processor (1.2Ghz octacore A53), 2GB RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, 13MP main camera and a 5-inch 720p display. In other words, it's nigh-on identical to the Redmi 3 (review), which packs a slightly more powerful Snapdragon 616 chip. Want better features? Then the Pro model might be for you, featuring a more capable Snapdragon 625 processor (2Ghz octacore A53), 3GB RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, 16MP main camera and a 5-inch 1080p display. The...