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All posts by Hadlee Simons

  • Diablo 3 indeed confirmed for Nintendo Switch – report

    A few days ago, Blizzard caused a stir after posting a somewhat provocative tweet, forcing the company to say it didn't "have any current plans to announce" Diablo 3 on Switch. Now, sources have told Eurogamer that the port is indeed in the works, confirming it will be a port of Diablo 3. There was no word on whether the Switch version would add downloadable content as well. The publication's sources said they were surprised to see the Twitter post because "the game's reveal remains several months off". In case you missed the Twitter post in question, it showed a Diablo character...

  • Far Cry 5 will let you create, share scenarios/maps

    Scenario and map editors are all too rare in today's video games, but the Far Cry franchise has kept up with this tradition for the most part. Now, Ubisoft has revealed a drastically upgraded map and scenario editor for Far Cry 5, called Far Cry Arcade. The new suite lets you "build, share and play an endless variety of custom maps", using over 9000 objects (including items from various Ubisoft properties) and being able to tweak aspects like the day/night cycle. Additionally, the firm says that they'll be highlighting top maps and giving you the ability to follow specific creators. A trailer...

  • Gallery: the MWC 2018 smartphones you may have missed

    From Sony and Samsung to LG and Huawei, there are loads of recognisable names at MWC every year, but the huge event also plays host to wares from lesser known brands and devices. Whether it's ZTE's Nubia line, dual-screen smartphones or Ulefone, we take a look at some of the less prominent and/or more innovative devices.  

  • Is Bravo Team the PSVR’s (nay, the PS4’s) worst title?

    Is your PSVR gathering dust? I wouldn't blame you if you thought Bravo Team might be the ideal title to squeeze more time out of the VR headset. Unfortunately, it looks like we might have an early candidate for the worst PS4 game of the year, according to several reviews. Eurogamer's Ian Higton labelled it "astonishingly bad", going so far to say it joins "Rogue Warrior, Turning Point and Hour of Victory as one of the very worst games you could play". Higton specifically calls out the "incredibly limited" field of movement, glitchy traversal mechanics and a "long list" of bugs...

  • LG V30s ThinQ hands-on: will the V30 be cheaper soon?

    The LG V30+ is a really great smartphone in its own right, owing to its durable design, capable wide-angle camera and great audio chops. In lieu of the LG G7 (and in the face of a changing strategy), the Korean firm used MWC to show off its LG V30s ThinQ instead. The tweaked model ups the RAM to 6GB and bumps the storage to 128GB or 256GB. Much like the Nokia 8 Sirocco, LG has decided to keep the Snapdragon 835 processor, meaning hardcore spec junkies will want to wait. Otherwise, in my brief time with the phone, I was happy...

  • This new tech will enable 4K/60fps, HDR in your budget phone

    British chip designer ARM is responsible for 99% of all smartphone tech on the market today, so when the company reveals new designs, the industry inevitably sits up straight to take notice. Now, the company has revealed new designs in its GPU, VPU (video processing unit) and DPU (display processing unit) lineup -- and they look poised to bring 4K/60fps video technology to cheaper/mainstream smartphones, smart TVs and other devices. New graphics for cheaper phones, streaming boxes ARM's Mali graphics range powers everything from Huawei to Samsung flagship phones, but it's also given its budget GPU range a boost with the G-52 and G-31...

  • We go hands-on with Nokia 8 Sirocco, but what about SA price?

    HMD's new range of Nokia smartphones, unveiled at MWC 2018, are all coming to South Africa, including the rather spiffy Nokia 8 Sirocco. But what kind of price can we expect for the new flagship when it eventually hits local shores? HMD Global's Justin Maier refused to give an exact price. Will it be under R15 000 though? "Yes," the representative simply answered. What does Maier make of our assumption that it'll be more expensive than the Nokia 8? "Yes, it'll be slightly more expensive than the current 8," the HMD executive explained, adding that it was dependent on the exchange rate. For the...

  • Q&A: expect two seasons, real teams in second year of F1 esports

    The inaugural F1 esports season last year marked the first time that Formula One really embraced competitive gaming. Between the big viewer numbers, great commentary and entertaining races, it was hard to find fault with the first go. Last week, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we got more information on the second season, which will actually be split into two seasons (one based on the F1 2017 game, and the other based on F1 2018). We interviewed Dr Julian Tan, head of digital strategy and transformation for F1 esports. Tan confirmed that there will be two seasons this year, the first...

  • No WhatsApp for new Nokia 8110 (yet?)

    The new Nokia 3310 was pretty much a basic feature-phone, lacking apps and a web browser in its first iteration. Fast-forward 12 months and the company has revealed the redesigned Nokia 8110, packing the KaiOS platform (or the "Smart Feature OS powered by KaiOS"). Being a spiritual successor to Firefox OS, the platform, and hence the 8110, also offers a KaiOS store for apps, making it more capable than the 3310's platform. Nokia brand custodian HMD Global has also added a few more big-hitting apps to the 8110, including "Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, Facebook and Twitter". But we got confirmation from...

  • MWC: Is a Nokia smart speaker coming this year?

    This week saw HMD reveal its latest range of Nokia phones, in the form of the new Nokia 8110, Nokia 1, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco. But smart speakers are quickly becoming a big money sector too, so will we see a Nokia speaker soon? "Stay tuned," PR representative Ben Wilsker told us during an interview at Mobile World Congress. In an attempt to get a definite answer, we asked HMD CEO Florian Seiche whether he had any information to share on a Nokia smart home speaker. Seiche chuckled before answering: "I can't comment (on that)." Could we see a Nokia smart speaker, powered...