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All posts by Joe Hanlon

  • LG Optimus G review: a great phone, for 2012

    LG's road to smartphone success has been rockier than most. After false starts with the Optimus series, LG basically took 2012 off; a sabbatical from the top-tier end of the market to gather its thoughts. During this time it focused on the pre-paid and BYO segment with its cheaper L-Series models like the Optimus L5, and having enjoyed some success with them, now makes its return to the big leagues with the Optimus G. LG is also responsible for the popular, but difficult to obtain, Google Nexus 4. If you are familiar with Google's mobile unicorn, you will have a headstart in imagining...

  • Agora 5.0 Dual-core Smartphone hands-on review: cheap as chips

    You have to hand it to Kogan. You can criticise this part, or that part, of the company's self-branded products (and we will in the full review, no doubt) but at the end of the day, very few can delivery decent technology products as cheaply.     For the price (UK£119/US$154/AU$149), we weren't 100-percent sure of the quality of product we were to see when the Agora phone landed on our desk. Kogan has dabbled in tablets before now, and the results have been mixed. Early efforts were dismal, with too many corners cut to make them worth your time or money....