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All posts by Megan Ellis

Megan Ellis
  • 5 trends totally ruining the gaming industry

    The games industry is no longer considered the sole domain of nerdy loners living in their moms’ basements and is instead a multi-billion-dollar industry. But with the lucrative growth of the industry, people who want to shamelessly cash in on it have also emerged. This has unfortunately given birth to some trends that may be lining more corporate pockets, but which are ultimately ruining the industry for fans. Here are five trends that are ruining the gaming industry for gamers. Core game content as DLC There was a time when DLC (downloadable content) was a welcome surprise for gamers enjoying a particular title....

  • Indie spotlight: South African edition

    While the South African gaming development sphere may not be as active as some other countries, we have a rich variety on offer from local devs that rival even the best indie titles. There’s no shortage of variation either, as development studios sink their teeth into multiple genres – and sometimes even create their own. So what exactly are some of the titles SA devs are responsible for? Here are four recent and upcoming South African games which we have tried out…. Volantia Released at the end of 2017 as a Humble Original and set for a full release in 2018, Volantia is...

  • Five weird smart devices you might not know about

    Every day the Internet of Things grows, with new and unique smart devices being added to the market. We've heard of smart watches, smart fridges and even smart coffee machines. But there are some smart devices that many of us never saw coming -- from autonomous lawnmowers to Bluetooth-enabled condoms. Here are five smart devices you never knew existed. 1. Smart Wine Bottle Sleeve If buying expensive wine is not helping you reach the ultimate level of pretentiousness that you desire, you could always invest in a WiFi enabled wine sleeve. Kuvée, a company which specialises in advanced and sophisticated wine bottles,...

  • Golf Story review: you should get Switch’s indie treasure

    While big titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey have dominated coverage of Nintendo Switch games, the console has a few lesser-known titles that are absolute gems. One such game is Golf Story, an indie RPG by the small studio Sidebar Games. Unlike many indie titles on the console, it was developed solely for Nintendo's platform. The term "console seller" is usually reserved for major exclusives, but Golf Story is an exclusive that will unexpectedly sneak into your heart and make you glad you bought the console. So, after many hours playing this unexpected entry, how did the game measure up? Errr…...

  • You might regret downloading these 7 addictive mobile games

    People look for different things when it comes to mobile games – some want adventure, others want strategy and millions want Candy Crush. However there are a few games which prove to be hits due to their sheer addictiveness, departing from the typical format of Bejeweled and Farmville. So what are these mobile games? And what makes them so addictive that you’ll probably end up regretting downloading them when you find yourself still playing at 2am? Here are seven games that will keep you glued to your phone… 1. Rodeo Stampede Rodeo Stampede takes inspiration from endless runner games, but has a...

  • Indie spotlight: five intriguing indies games you may have missed

    Once upon a time indie games were part of an extremely niche market, but they've increasingly expanded their influence and fanbase -- creating some of the best titles we've come to love. In that spirit, it is only natural that we explore the indie sector to find some more interesting titles emerging. Here's a look at five lesser-known indie games from the past few months that we've had the pleasure of trying out… Among The Innocent: A Stricken Tale The first game on our list is a proudly South African product created by former NAG Magazine editor Geoff Burrows. Not only created by...

  • Samsung Africa Forum: smart home gadgets and more

    Samsung Africa Forum 2017 has come and gone, with the giant electronics corporation outlining its plans for Africa this year. So what's on the horizon for South Africa? From smart home devices, to QLED televisions, South Africa is set to be on the receiving end of many of Samsung's newest innovations. In addition to the forum presentations, we spoke with Samsung Electronics South Africa Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Michelle Potgieter, as well as Michael McKechnie, Samsung South Africa's Director of the Digital Appliance Group. So what is in store for us this year? Smart homes One announcement that slipped under the radar,...

  • Avoid Early Access disappointment with these tips

    While Steam's Early Access programme and crowdfunding sites have been a huge boost for indie developers, they have also resulted in many disgruntled gamers losing their money or ending up with a game very different from the one they invested in. From seemingly endless in-development purgatory (here's looking at you, Star Citizen), to games which are simply cancelled with no refund; there's a lot that can make you regret your early purchase. However we have some tips for avoiding this kind of disappointment. 1. See how long the game has been in development While games do take a while to develop, there...