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All posts by Rhett Sinnema

Rhett Sinnema
I was born in Durban and now reside in Cape Town. I study at the University of Cape Town and plan to do a post graduate LLB in the next two years. My three passions are reading, writing and gaming all of which I started when I was very young. Myself, fantasy and sci-fi have always been in a bit of love triangle. I'm lazy by nature, that doesn't mean I do my work badly, just that I always try find the quickest way to do it well.
  • Why Internet Explorer 10 is the best browser there is

    Yes it is. No, it isn’t! Is! Isn’t! Well, I suppose we could argue about this if we really wanted to. And without a look at the facts we would probably come to the conclusion that it’s all subjective really. It’s subjective like leather pants or ass-less chaps are subjective – there will always be somebody who’s into that. Now I’m not knocking anyone in particular – I think it’s safe to say we all enjoy comfort and ease. We generally don’t want something heavy or that slows us down. We don’t want something that exposes us all time....

  • 5 entertaining time wasters for the new ‘new’ iPad

    The new iPad, the recently released fourth generation model, is a terrific media system. When new apps come out people get excited. Thoughts always seem to cross my mind that they’ve reached the height of creativity and usability. Then sometimes, when I see a really interesting app I think it will be really hard to top it. But then its next month and we get to do it all over again and be wowed by the new, often free apps that can be downloaded. The great thing about these apps is that whether you are waiting for your laundry to...

  • XCOM Enemy Unknown: today is your Independence Day

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown is sometimes pitched as a remake of the old school classic UFO: Enemy Unknown. I hoped it would be something like the original, but to my surprise it was something more. I woke up earlier than usual on 12 October to deal with my admin because I knew that my weekend would be entirely devoted to two things: Dishonored and the latest XCOM. As wonderful as my Dishonored experience was, looking back now I wish I had installed and played them both before committing myself to one before the other. XCOM Enemy Unknown was developed by Firaxis Games...