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All posts by Rick Bosch

  • Ice Cream Sandwich, one OS to rule them all?

    As you may well be aware, Android has upgraded to its latest incarnation, version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. What you may not realise is that it probably isn't the OS to unite all Android devices, I don’t even think it’s the OS to deter iPhone users from iOS. Let me explain. I am a huge Android fan, and as such admitting what I just did irks me, it really does. I had high expectations for Ice Cream Sandwich and most of them were met, however it’s the ones that weren’t which have resulted in my mixed feelings about it. Right, in...

  • Review: HTC Sensation of a near miss

    I have a soft spot for HTC. My trusted Desire was my first Android-powered device, and needless to say, I love it. It’s a great piece of kit: well built, still snappy after all these years and the battery life no worse than most new phones. So how does the Desire’s new big brother, the Sensation, shape up? By my reckoning, HTC is the Android manufacturer that places the most emphasis on build quality, and it shows throughout its range of devices, from the entry level Wildfire, to this latest offering. It was up against some heavy expectations baggage -...

  • Are you ready for some Ice Cream Sandwich?

    As you may have heard, Google is on the verge or releasing its blend of Gingerbread (phone OS) and Honeycomb (tablet OS) and will be the search giant’s most ambitious OS to date. Android, as an OS, is very fragmented and this is Google consolidating. This would've come on 11 October, but out of respect to Steve Jobs and Apple, Google and Samsung (manufacturer of the new Nexus handset) decided to postpone the event indefinitely. We've not lost hope, though; pretty sure we won’t have to wait too long. So, what is Ice Cream Sandwich all about? Let's take...

  • 10 Android apps I can’t live without

    We all know that finding the right application for a specific job can be difficult, and with the massive selection available on the Android Market, it can be even more so. I thought it would be useful if I shared some of the apps I can’t live without with you. You may already use some of them, others may just help make you life a lot easier, either way, here’s a breakdown of ten Android apps that I can’t live without. I’ve broken it down into sections for you, all -- apps for all users, notable mentions -- may...

  • Unlocking Android’s true potential

    Android allows users full control and customisation of its devices through a process known as “rooting”. There are, however, some risks involved. The big question, therefore, is whether it is worth rooting your device, possibly voiding your warranty, just for a few more options? Simply put, yes. Here's why. When I received my HTC Desire earlier this year, a lot of time and effort had gone into researching which phone I would upgrade to. I choose the Desire, not because I thought it was the best device (spec wise it definitely wasn't), but rather, because seemed like the natural successor...

  • Three reasons I love Android

    Open source. Free information. The power to customise what I want, when I want. These are not simply words used to describe one of the biggest unheralded revolutions in modern times, Google's Android, they also sum up my ethos as a person. This comparison between operating system and personal philosophy may be a strange one, but considering how mobile devices have become essential tools to survive modern society, I believe it a very relevant one. Who is not affected? Consider the number of people you know that own have a smartphone, whether it's a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile device?...