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All posts by Shereesa Moodley

  • 3 simple tips to optimise your smartphone photography

    I’m not the biggest fan of smartphone photography. Real purpose-built cameras just give you so much more in every way. There’s more depth of field, more clarity, more settings... But, I know what you’re thinking. Smartphones are just easier. They’re easier to carry, easier to use and easier to protect. You see something you want to photograph, pull out your phone right there and shoot with the touch of an on-screen button. Even I, someone who greatly prefers my DSLR, fall prey to the simplicity of smartphone photography. I’m sure you, like me, still want your photos to be great when...

  • Award winning Alto’s Odyssey coming to Android for free

    Next week the award-winning game Alto’s Odyssey will be released on Android for free. A tweet by the game’s official Twitter account confirmed that the app will launch on Google Play next Thursday, 26 July. Alto's Odyssey is a sequel to the popular 2015 game Alto’s Adventure, and was released on iOS five months ago. It won an Apple Design Award in June. Now, Android users will be able to play the game for free, while iPhone users will still have to purchase the app at $4.99 (around R66.45). Often described as “beautiful”, this endless adventure game takes you on a scenic journey...

  • 5 simple Android games for your boring daily commute

    A long bus ride? Train delayed again? That queue to the taxi moving so slowly you feel like you’re going backwards? Never fear when your app store is near. Here’s a list of five simple and compact Android games you can play on your phone when you need to kill some time on that long, boring journey. Infinity Loop Download size: 12.25MB In this game you match up various shapes and lines to create patterns and loops. The developer, Infinity Games, describes the process as “zen” and is meant to be stress free. There’s definitely a quiet, easy going feel to this app that...

  • Dear 2000s kids, have you played these 3 classic games?

    There’s probably nothing more nostalgic than seeing one of those old fashioned, box-like, gray computers and instantly being reminded of the childhood you spent battling aliens, shooting down bad guys and rescuing precious artifacts to your heart’s content. For me, some of the most memorable classic PC games were all from the 90s, even though I was only born halfway through the era. But what about those of you born after 1999? Have you played some of these classic titles? Duke Nukem 3D It’s the story line everyone loves -- aliens are taking over Earth and only one man can stop them....

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus rumoured to have 5 cameras

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is rumoured to have a total of five cameras. According to Korean website The Bell (translated), one of the rear cameras will have an ultra-wide angle of 120°. Also referred to as the Beyond 2, the S10 Plus will apparently have two front-facing cameras and three rear cameras, similar to the Huawei P20 Pro. The site also claims that the phone’s front facing cameras are set to produce high quality self-portraiture. There’s no clear indication of the camera sensors’ megapixel count. Additionally, two other S10 models are reportedly in the works. Codenamed Beyond 0 and Beyond 1, these devices...