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  • Jailbreak your iOS4 iPhone legally: A step-by-step guide

    If you're an Apple fanboy you probably know that the US government has ruled you can now legally jailbreak your iPhone, which means freeing your phone from the limitations imposed upon it by Apple. The Associated Press reports that "the US government approved a handful of new exemptions to a federal law that prevents the circumvention of technical measures preventing users from accessing and modifying copyrighted works." So what does this mean for the average iPhone user? In a nutshell, you can now legally jailbreak your iPhone without feeling like Jack Sparrow and having to worry about being drawn and quartered....

  • Is Flipboard the killer iPad app we’ve all been waiting for?

    It's only been 24 hours, but Flipboard -- a brand new iPad app -- is already living up to the hype of revolutionising the way we consume and interact with social media. By creating an interactive magazine format populated by content from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, Flipboard  has taken a solid step forward from what social media and aggregator tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite have been doing for some time -- de-cluttering the social media space. The company calls Flipboard the "world's first social magazine" and says its mission is to "fundamentally improve how people discover, view...

  • It’s all going wrong for the iPhone 4

    The new iPhone 4, Apple's latest installment of their acclaimed smartphone, seems to be having a less than ideal launch, with consumers around the world reporting bugs and issues with the new device and its operating system. Most prominent among these seem to be that the iPhone 4 has some serious antenna issues, in some cases it loses signal completely if held in a specific way. This is particularly acute for left-handed people. Various videos have popped up all over the web showing the phone's signal bars dropping as the antenna area is touched. Mashable reports that it appears to...

  • How to fix your iPhone’s IOS4 upgrade problems

    It seems thousands of Apple fanboys across the world are encountering issues when upgrading to Apple's newest iPhone, iPad and iPod operating system. And this is consistent with my own experience when I tried to update my ageing iPhone 3G. On Tuesday evening iTunes told me that it was time to update to IOS 4. After immediately clicking "download and install" and waiting in anticipation as every minute passed, I sat up till 12 that evening but it seems my iPhone was just not destined to update. It would eventually finish downloading the following morning... half the planet was...

  • iPhone 4: The stats you need to know

    With some of the details of the new iPhone 4 leaked a few months ago by tech blog Gizmodo, the hype around last night’s launch of Apple’s latest version of the iPhone was always going to be more about the finer detail Apple CEO Steve Jobs would provide. With a vastly-improved camera-operating system, a richer display, video calls, and some real advancements in the hardware department, the new iPhone 4 demonstrates...

  • New iPhone 4 is Apple’s ‘biggest leap’

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the new iPhone 4 at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday evening, calling the redesigned gadget the "biggest leap" the company had taken since the launch of the first iPhone. After tech blog Gizmodo unceremoniously leaked pictures of the new iPhone prototype a few months ago, Jobs' was looking to turn up the hype. Jobs acknowledged the leak by saying: "Some of you have already seen this." Gizmodo failed to crack an invite to the sought-after announcement. Some of the key changes to the new phone include a higher resolution display Apple is...

  • Hands on with the iPad: The Memeburn review

    The lingering stares you get while walking around with an iPad tucked under your arm is confirmation that this is no ordinary gadget. In fact, it gives you a small inkling of what it must be like to be a rockstar. Complete strangers stopped me in my tracks to get a closer look or start a conversation about it. Heads would turn. One guy came up to me, shook my hand and just said “well done”. While in a meeting at Cape Town-based digital agency Gloo, parts of the company came to a standstill when word got out there was...