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  • App of the week: Nike+ GPS

    This week I take a look at a classic iPhone app that has changed the face of fitness forever, the ever popular and worth-way-more-than-you-paid-for-it classic, Nike+ GPS. Not to be confused with the original Nike+ that comes pre-installed on all new iPhone 4 devices (which wirelessly interacts with a special chip that is to be placed into a special shoe), this version makes use of the device’s GPS capabilities and doesn’t require anything more than a good signal, great weather and the desire to get out onto the road. As you will know from reading my last reviews, I am a...

  • App of the week: Discovr

    This week I take a look at Discovr, a music discovery app that is creating huge amounts of buzz between music junkies all over the world with its innovative and elegant way of finding and sharing new music. It’s no lie that one of the reasons I use an iPhone over any other device is because of the built in iPod. Sure, all smartphones have a built-in music player, but to me, nothing compares to the iPod. The awesome controls and aesthetically pleasing cover flow display are truly unmatched by anything else available on the market today…but I digress. At this...

  • Why it’s a good time to be developing mobile apps in Africa

    The African mobile developer community should be smiling right now, what with being ideally placed to take advantage of a number of factors that currently make the region one of the most exciting digital spaces on the planet. Mobile is massive Mobile take-up across Africa took a lot of people by surprise; in hindsight it was obvious. Infrastructure-lag left a gaping chasm of consumer demand wide enough for mobile technology to swoop in...