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BurnMedia TV

  • How to improve your iPhone 4 or 4S speed running iOS 7 [Video]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADoG-HFjsFI Welcome to the first episode of Gearburn's brand new show, Gear TV. This weekly show (out every Thursday) will feature gadget and game reviews, tips, how-to's and anything useful that we think can help you improve your connected life. It's a show we've designed for you, our readers, so if there are any specific requests you'd like to know -- such as how do I set up my Android device properly, how do I beat that pesky boss in a certain game you're playing -- send them through and we'll make a video showing you just what you need...

  • The best gadgets of CES 2014 [video]

    CES 2014 was an interesting affair. Gadget makers went crazy for wearable technology, or gizmos that we can strap to our bodies, much like the Pebble Steel or the Neptune Pine which is more akin to a smartphone for the wrist. In Las Vegas, iOS 7 gaming also finally grew up with the reveal of gamer-friendly controllers for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. As mobile games slowly creep towards console quality, it'll be up to these pricey controllers, like the RP One, to help evolve it. While it's hard to pick a gadget that defined CES, mostly everyone can...

  • iPad Air review: less really is more [video]

    When we reviewed the iPad Air earlier this month, we found it to be one of the best tablets ever made. Apple's thin, US$500 tablet is an incredible achievement that narrowly misses greatness for lack of a fingerprint reader and a better camera. Outside of these exceptionally minor niggles, we highly recommend it. Gearburn editor Steven Norris knows that for many, Apple's products represent a lifestyle which most iPhone and iPad owners happily tread. But the Air is more than that: it's practically priced at entry level (US$350-US$450) but what's being offered is a premium product. You have to...

  • Exclusive: we review Android KitKats [video]

    Android KitKat is going to be the sweetest, tastiest mobile OS from Google yet. After months of slaving away in the coding kitchen and feeding ideas with rumours and speculations, KitKat is here. We had the opportunity to get our hands on an actual KitKat device and we're pleased to say that it more than lives up to expectations. Like every delicious device though, KitKat has its limitations. But if you bite into it hard enough, you'll discover that there's more to KitKat then just a thin layer of sugary interface. Inside is hard, crunchy goodness that delivers. Prepare yourself for...

  • ‘Fleet of One’ interview: hardcore shooting from an indie dream team

    There's something special about Fleet of One (reviewed here), a rhythm that makes it appealing once the controls have been mastered. This Android (soon) and iOS shooter is the bees knees and it's been made by a pretty talented team who we spent a fair amount of time with. We've been digging into South African game developers. There's a wealth of talent and, thanks to the rapid uptake of smartphones in SA, developers are now finding a larger audience to pawn their trade too. Fleet of One is one of the most confident games yet, and blends eighties arcade shooting into...

  • Exclusive: we interview ‘Snailboy’ creators Thoopid

    Cape Town-based mobile gaming developers Thoopid are onto something special with Snailboy. Clearly there's heart and passion behind the project and in this exclusive video, we've interviewed two of the brainy snail-lovers behind Snailboy. Snailboy is a charming little platform/puzzle game with an interesting control scheme and incredible graphics. Truly, the work put behind the presentation of Snailboy is something else. We interviewed Rw Liebenberg and Luqman Achmat, the creative geniuses who, alongside their equally talented team, spun Snailboy into life in under a year. This is their story. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPvYghEDIyo

  • BlackBerry Q5 video review: still hating it

    If there's one thing Gearburn editor Steven "not biased to BlackBerry" Norris hates, it's the Q5. In his fairly damning review, Norris outlines mostly negatives aspects of what is an overpriced and essentially broken device. His video review isn't much better. What BlackBerry has done is almost insulting: it's taken a flimsy plastic shell and squeezed a crisp display into it. Yet for some reason it also decided to charge us US$450 (R5 000) for one of the biggest mistakes since the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810. Come, join us in a video journey as Norris breaks down BlackBerry's latest...

  • Sony Xperia V review: glass half empty

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWT1yZE1nTE We weren't happy with the Sony Xperia V. Matter of fact, Gearburn editor Steven Norris was outright hostile towards it, but we gave him some of his special elixir and he calmed down, a little. Sony's Xperia V is a confusing mess of a device. It's not the worst-designed phone in the world, but it has some really silly aesthetic issues. It's also pretty nippy, but what's the point of all that speed if the phone crashes on a daily basis? And why for the love of god is there that awful lip on the bottom of the V? All this...

  • ‘The Last of Us’: press kit unboxing

    Here’s an unboxing of the best game of the year and for once, The Last of Us is deserved of that title. It’s a handsome box, with some of the excellent extras such as bonus multiplayer content and a cassette tape that is actually a… well, we won’t spoil the surprise for you. Recently, we wrote about how The Last of Us sold over 3.4-million copies, making it the fastest-selling game of 2013 and one of Sony’s most successful games on the PS3. What we’re unboxing here is the press kit edition of The Last of Us. It was selectively...

  • BlackBerry Q5 unboxing

    It came in a modest box with “Q5” plastered on it like a red-letter of shame. The US$500 BlackBerry Q5 is here, and it’s half the phone the Q10 is, literally. From only a few days of use, the Q5 feels very plastic and its qwerty keyboard was seemingly made for the hands of mice. There are some surprises to the Q5, such as the BB 10 OS which was redesigned from the BlackBerry Z10’s full screen format. Is a 4:3 screen better on a BlackBerry than a 16:9 display? From initial tests, we can safely say that the...