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  • AMD Threadripper priced – it beats Intel Core i9

    AMD has been on a tear this year, revealing its Ryzen series of chips and confirming that its monster Threadripper enthusiast range was in the works. So when Intel launched its Core i9 family earlier this year, most experts were calling on enthusiasts to wait for more Threadripper details. Now, we have them. In a blog post issued today, AMD has confirmed that its 16-core, 32 thread Threadripper processor (1950X) will have a recommended price of US$999. By comparison, Intel's 10-core/20 thread i9 (7900X) has a US$999 price tag, while its 16-core/32 thread variant has a price tag of US$1699. The...

  • Surprise: you can now download Ubuntu from Windows Store

    A few months ago, we saw Microsoft announce that it was bringing Ubuntu and several other Linux distributions to the Windows Store. Now, Canonical has flicked the switch and added Ubuntu to the store. According to The Verge, the installation is sandboxed though, which means that you won't be getting all the functionality of Ubuntu compared to a proper installation. You'll still be getting command line utlities, such as SSH, bash and git however. Linux... on the Windows Store? Yep, Canonical has published Ubuntu on Microsoft's store "To use this feature, one first needs to use 'Turn Windows features on or off' [in...

  • Watch: ChromeOS, moving closer to Android, is going touch-friendly

    Google's Chromebooks have enjoyed rude health in the past 24 months, becoming a big seller in the US education sector, for starters. Then there's the support for Android apps via the Google Play Store, slowly rolling out to more devices. Now, a Google+ user (via Engadget) has discovered a touch-friendly launcher in an early version of ChromeOS for Chromebooks. "The Chrome OS team is experimenting with a touch-friendly version of the launcher in Canary channel. Enable the chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-app-list flag, restart Chrome, and press the Search key to see it in action," read the Google+ post. ChromeOS has received a touch-focused redesign in an early...

  • Intel Core i9: should you get Ryzen 7 or wait for Threadripper instead?

    Earlier this year, we saw Intel take the wraps off its Core i9 series of processor, being meant for enthusiasts and content creators. At the time of the reveal, many pointed to AMD's Ryzen 7 family, saying that these would be a more cost-effective solution than Intel's newly announced range. Recently, reviewers have given their thoughts on the 10-core Core i9 7900X. For starters, Ars Technica, PC World and Tweaktown all note that the 7900X is hundreds of dollars cheaper than Intel's previous enthusiast-level 10-core chip. All three add that it's the most powerful consumer CPU you can get right now....

  • This $70 Hackintosh can outperform 2016 13-inch Macbook Pro

    People often say that Apple products are overpriced, with their computers being no exception. Sure, there are other factors at play, such as build quality and aftermarket support, but do you really need to spend all that cash? Now, YouTube channel Snazzy Labs has tackled this challenge, building a US$70 Hackintosh that can apparently outperform a 2016 Macbook Pro. The price comparison is a bit iffy for starters, as desktops and their associated parts are generally cheaper than laptops anyway. Want a MacOS computer but don't want to spend a lot of money? This channel created a $70 Hackintosh Additionally, the channel utilised...

  • These Chromebooks now have Android app support

    Google made a big splash last year when it announced that Android apps would be coming to Chromebooks, via the Google Play Store. It's taken longer than expected for the functionality to surface though, with only a few laptops supporting the feature. Still, there's plenty of potential for having Android apps on your Chromebook, instantly delivering over a million games and apps in theory. Now, Google has added over a dozen more laptops to the list of Chromebooks capable of running Android apps (spotted by Android Police). So what's new then? We see new entries for Acer (Chromebook 11 N7 C731 and C731T,...

  • iStore reveals new iMac, Macbook Pro pricing for SA

    Apple used WWDC last week to reveal its latest software and hardware, with Apple's computers receiving plenty of time in the sun. Now, South Africa's iStore has announced the availability of the new iMacs and Macbooks. The iMacs sport 4K/5K displays, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, seventh generation Intel processors and upgraded graphics. Meanwhile, the Macbook and Macbook Pro lineup has also received various upgrades, most notably in the chip department. The iStore says it will offer these new models from "this weekend" at selected stores and online. What will you be paying though? Check out the table below.

  • Intel Core i9: six things worth knowing

    Intel made a huge splash this week when it announced the Core i9 processor. Of course, 9 is higher than 7 (duh), so you'd expect it to be powerful (bigger duh). But what are the key things to know about the new chip? A lot of cores and threads The Intel Core i9 Extreme Edition has a monster 18 cores and 36 threads, clearly being designed for the one-percenter wanting to one-up their middle class friends. Otherwise, the company says the new chips are made with "advanced gaming, VR and content creation in mind". It's part of Intel's new X-Series family Yep, the Core i9...

  • Computex 2017: Acer Nitro 5 is one for the gamers

    Computex 2017 hasn't started yet, but Acer has already revealed a few wares, most notably in the form of the Nitro 5 gaming laptops. So what are you getting then, in terms of specs? "You can choose from models featuring up to Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics with 7th Generation Intel Core processors or AMD Radeon RX550 graphics with 7th Generation AMD A-series processors," Microsoft notes on its blog. In other words, if you're waiting for AMD's Zen chips in a laptop, this isn't for you. Nevertheless, these laptops all support up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Other notable features include SSDs...

  • Huawei MateBook X, MateBook D and MateBook E revealed

    The Huawei Matebook saw quite a divided reception, being inspired by Microsoft's Surface line of tablets with keyboard covers/docks. Now, the Chinese company has revealed a few more MateBooks, but it's the MateBook X that got most of the attention. The MateBook X ditches the tablet form factor in favour of simply being a laptop, featuring a 13-inch 2160x1440 display with a screen/body ratio of 88%. In terms of dimensions, the device weighs 1.05kgs and measures 12.5mms thick. Who gives a damn about the design if the specs aren't decent, right? Huawei has shoved a seventh generation Core i5 or i7...