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Gadget News

  • 5 Nokia apps to make your toes curl!

    I'm sick of all the iPhone fan boys/gals telling me how cool their little Apples are. I mean, like, really - they launched without copy and paste. It takes a special kind of talent to forget that. Chumps. The iPhone is genius because it showed the world that applications are the future, and that the device is merely a platform for innovation. But it was not Steve Jobs and his unironed shirt-wearing cronies who...

  • Augmented reality for everyone?

    Metaio has released a completely new version of its open augmented reality browser junaio, taking further steps in enabling everyone to create and experience mobile augmented reality. Version 2.0, which is now available in Apple’s App Store, offers new unique features such as indoor usage, web- and user-based information channels, and an open API for developers. With junaio, users can flip through channels like entertainment, nightlife, travel and many others, and see information digitally...

  • Rumour: ‘SA #3 in line for 3G iPhone’

    Ok, one thing we should expect for a while are plenty rumours over local release dates for the iPhone. I don't think Vodacom actually know when they are getting the phone and I am sure they are at the whim of Apple. And Apple would never ever change the goalposts from time to time, would they? I've been privy to information from a senior birdy at Vodacom that we are apparently in number...

  • The lowdown on the new iPhone 2.0

    I was listening to the Apple WWDC event's iPhone announcements live on ustream, following the excellent live blogging on Engadget, and also keeping up with the lively micro blogging commentary. The announcement everyone was waiting for took ages to come, but eventually it came. There was nothing majorly earth shattering, actually. Most of the new iPhone 2.0 features had been speculated by blogs and media ad nauseam months before, including GPS and...

  • New iPhone available in South Africa July 20

    According to tech journalist and Stuff Magazine editor Toby Shapshak, Vodacom will be launching the new 3G iphone, also popularly know as the "iPhone 2.0", on July 20. Vodacom’s launch is part of a 10-country deal that Vodafone announced last month, confirming speculation over the iPhone announcement. The phone is purportedly slimmer and sleaker than the first generation iPhone. It also now apparently comes in three new colours. But, most importantly, it...

  • Move over iPhone: This is the ultimate converged phone

    Now this is the true iPhone killer we have all been waiting for. Sorry for all you guys that spent your $$$ buying the iPhone. This is the baby you:

  • HTC Touch “IPhone killer”: Nice, but no big deal

    I say this, because this new phone isn't a particularly dramatic departure in mobile phone development. The HTC Touch phone is still built on Windows Mobile 6, so it's not a new operating system, but rather a kind of souped-up windows skin. In fact you can very clearly still see the Windows Mobile 6 header and footer on the HTC Touch interface. So, as beautiful as the new Touch phone looks, I...