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  • Top 6 best gaming phones of 2013

    Gamers enjoy playing on the go and that means using a smartphone with features that enhance gameplay. Screens have become enormous, and mobile processors have leaped from single-core to octa-core. There’s nothing really holding back mobile games, but it takes a powerful smartphone to produce titles such as Infinity Blade II for iOS. Here’s a lineup of the top six mobile phones all packed with must-have features for gamers everywhere. If you just can't stand going a day without a good game of Bug Village, Tower of Saviors...

  • 7 apps your creepy stalker could be using right now

    Cyberstalking is an invasion of privacy, a terrible outlet for some desperate individuals and above of all, a crime. Those who use the internet to track and harass others are a cowardly lot, and because of rapid advances in location-based technologies, stalking innocent users online is a scarily easy affair. The most popular apps we use such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more can be used by others to follow you. Apps such as the ones listed below. Please note that we are in no way advocating stalking or will teach anyone how to hack into other users devices....

  • 12 classic gadgets that will leave you feeling nostalgic

    With additional reporting by Steven Norris For those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s, it's sometimes difficult to look back at the gadgets that were hailed as so cutting edge when we were children without thinking, “Holy crap did I really carry that around in my pocket?” Our smartphones, our consoles, our televisions, everything we use today is so much sleeker, slimmer, smarter, that it's difficult to believe that once upon a time, we used to get by without them. And so here is a list. Of awesome, clunky, old-fashioned gadgets that I loved. Once upon a time. [burngal...

  • 10 films that would make incredible games

    If you’re reading this post, chances are you are a big fan of both video games and films. When I was doing research for this article I found that many of my favourite films already have a game version but most of them simply suck. They were either rushed through production to take advantage of the hype of the film or created as merely an add-on to the movie. I think if film-to-game transitions were created to stand on their own two feet, we might have had some more excellent games on our shelf. Here is a list of...

  • 9 of the coolest, creepiest and best iPhone 5 cases

    The only real way to make your iPhone special these days is to cover it with something unique to you. But with so many choices, how do you know which best suits your needs? Does throwing your phone into a rock garden attract you? Or is it more along the cute and cuddly you're after? Or for the most sentimental out there, there's always something cheesy, or creepy.

  • 8 new iOS designs that are better than Apple’s

    Apple has placed design guru Jony Ive in charge of the look and feel of iOS, and speculation has never been hotter. The upcoming iOS 7 will likely feature the most significant visual upgrade of the platform ever. One rumor says that privacy filters are required during field testing to prevent onlookers from catching a glimpse of the new design. But we don't have to wait until Apple's announcement to imagine what could be in store: users of Dribbble, a "show-and-tell" for designers, have been hard at work reimagining iOS with a clean new design. [burngal title = "8 new iOS...

  • 10 games that deserve to be made into films

    If there are two things I love, it's games and stories. Luckily for me, these two aren’t that far apart. Most games feature narratives that admirably compete with my favourite books and movies. Most of the popular games (Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Silent Hill) have already been made into films, but here are ten games that actually deserve to be made into feature films. And has anyone noticed that most of the game-to-film abortions have been horror-focused? Why is Hollywood so intent on creating a spooky narrative from a non-linear narrative? Enjoy the list. [burngal title = "10 games that deserve...

  • 4 crazy eco-friendly chargers for your smartphone

    You’ve probably heard about some outrageously cool ways to charge your mobile phone before. The solar charger for when you go camping, for example. You could probably find at your local gadget shop. Nokia’s wireless charger meanwhile has, since the release of the Nokia Lumia series, made a big splash but the buzz quickly dissipated. Most of these innovations you’ll discover on Kickstarter which makes these crazy gadgets rather exclusive by nature. Others you’ll find in areas where the need for a reliable alternative to your traditional "plug-in-the-wall" charger is much greater than the novelty of a Kickstarter gadget. [burngal...

  • Brand-spanking new GTA V screens

    GTA V drops two new screenshots, which are essentially blown up art assets from the officially released box art. The new Grand Theft Auto V screens are from the “cash and carry” series or to put it in english, bank robberies. GTA V is set to launch on 17 September 2013 and it’s going to be a massively ambitious project, if the screenshots are videos are anything to go by. Three characters...

  • ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ drops Bats into Gotham City on Christmas Eve

    The Batman gaming franchise has seen some highs (any Arkham game) and some lows (Batman: Dark Tomorrow), but nothing will beat the fever that the latest Batman title, Arkham Origins will deliver. You can bet on that, and Gamesradar has unearthed some exciting details, unwrapping some of the mystery surrounding Batman: Arkham Origins. First, it’s video time: Batman’s younger now There’s no word on how young he’ll be, but let’s expect an less-experienced Batman who’s having to learn the ropes and acquire skills in an organic fashion. Imagine guiding Batman through his development from inexperienced crime fighter to the whirling dervish...