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  • Gearburn gets real with Max Payne [Q&A]

    Gearburn’s Ronan Steyn got a chance to exchange some candid words with Max Payne: the star of the hotly anticipated Rockstar Studios’ game. Gearburn: So Max, thanks for taking time to chat to us today. Now we all know the old Max Payne, but tell us a bit about the new you. Max Payne: Like a bad soap’s storyline, mine keeps going. I had to leave New York City after Mona died, and Sao Paulo seemed as bad a place as any. GB: Why Brazil, and why Sao Paulo specifically? MP: When the darkness fell in New York City bad things happened in...

  • PlayThru game-based authentication: I hate captchas. I love captchas.

    Captchas are one of those necessary evils of online life. They serve a useful purpose and yet we loathe them. Most of the time they insult our intelligence and waste time as we refresh, refresh, refresh to find something vaguely intelligible. Yes I am human, no I'm not a spambot. Thankfully, a company called Are You a Human want's to re-invent captchas by making them fun. A traditional captcha is essentially a game in which you are tasked with deciphering a mess of warped alphanumeric characters. Are You a Human wants us to play new games with PlayThru. With PlayThru...

  • 4 awesome sports games for iOS

    Sports games have always been a firm favorite of mine over the years. From the days of NBA Jam on the SEGA Mega Drive ("Boom-shakalaka!") I've always felt that sporting titles are a must in any gamer's collection. Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets, many of the larger sports gaming titles have inevitably made their way on over to the newer touch screen devices and have just as much success as their console-based cousins. Below are just four of my favorites. FIFA Soccer '12 -- US$4.99 Let's be honest here, wherever there are consoles, there are FIFA titles. These games...

  • Marvel VS. Capcom 2 for iOS [Review]

    Deep breath... Marvel VS. Capcom 2 is the best port of a fighting game on iOS, ever. The controls are spot on, the graphics are pixelated prettiness and the fighting is oceans-deep. Breath out a sigh of relief, this games a cracker. The zany goodness of MVC2 has been condensed into a tiny 150MB download that is well worth the time you invest into it. It's a full-on port of the PS2 version,...

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 looks to the future

    The sequel to the best-selling franchise in Call of Duty history is coming. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 dials down the past and shoots forward to a bright, frightening future. Design, plot, graphics, it's all new. Sources say that COD: BO 2 takes its plot cues from a plausible future and one that is strikingly similar to Terminator 2. Plot heavy Resources are tight in 2025. Oil is gone, replaced by precious metals...

  • The design-fantastic in Botanicula

    Indie developer Amanita Design outdoes itself with this point-and-click exploration game chock full of imagination and flair. Band of Brothers What do Mr. Lantern, Mr. Feather, Mr. Poppy Head, Mr. Twig and Mrs. Mushroom all have in common? Well a quest to save the last seed of their home tree of course. Confused? You should be. One thing you shouldn’t be though is surprised. Coming from the hive mind of Czech company Amanita Design, Botanicula is a product of love. The company is known for its games brimming with imagination, bursting at the seams with gorgeous visuals, clever puzzles and colourful...

  • Evil is back with the Diablo III TV spot

    Have you watched the video? Go watch it again. Right, evil is back. Diablo III launches May 15. That's just three weeks shy of male virginity reaching an all-time high. We're not sure what's better though, the video or the comments just below it. "MY GIRLFRIEND SAID THAT THIS VIDEO SUCKS; SHE'S SINGLE NOW, JUST KIDDIN' SHE'S DEAD :D". Fifteen May, remember that as the day social lives across the globe ended.

  • I am Alive – tactics over action

    With a turbulent history, I am Alive barely made it out at all. But with developer Ubisoft Shanghai using creative mechanics to overcome technical constraints, they’ve come out with an ambitious, gritty game that is well executed for the most part. Survive the Horror I am Alive was first announced way back in 2008 with a different publisher at the helm and the promise of a big title release. The survival horror game then lost its lead designer and disappeared off the map until mid last year. Fast forward to 2012, and the game has finally reached our digital shelves in...

  • Fez: breaking the fourth wall [Review]

    Fez is a dreamy platformer, the purest distillation of gaming I’ve played in years. Press start, and sink into a pillow of 16-bit gaming nirvana from the word go. It’s not hard to quantify Fez. For roughly US$10, Fez delivers a 2D platformer which exists in a 3D world. Click the left or right triggers and Fez spins the world on a vertical axis, revelling each side of the chunky cube you get to play in. “Play” is a word that videogame developers have all but forgotten. We run, shoot, jump, gain achievements and breeze through modern games without experiencing the...

  • Halo 4 tea-bags its way into your living room 6 November

    It’s Halo 4, and it’s coming 6 November 2012. Microsoft is calling this “the year’s most anticipated video game release” and for once, it’s hard to argue with the Big M’s marketing speak. Onto the game. First off, spoiler alert. For the 15 people (mostly likely PS3 fans) who don’t know the ending to Halo 3, Master Chief defeated the Flood and placed himself in a cryogenic state as his ship floated endlessly into...