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  • Social gaming: The hype is justified

    There's no shortage of hype about social gaming at the moment, resulting in substantial buyouts of social gaming startups by large media conglomerates. The statistics are pointing to massive growth numbers, specifically around micro-payments and around the vast numbers of users playing social games on a daily basis. Martin Walfisz on Quora.com defines a social game as "a digital online game that: (1) uses a player's social graph to provide an enhanced game experience, (2) facilitates and encourages communication about the game while outside of the game; and, (3) has a minimal barrier to entry". Most definitions refer to a social...

  • Sony delays global release of Gran Turismo 5 again

    Japan's Sony will again delay the global release of the latest version of its popular "Gran Turismo" car-racing game, which was due out early next month, officials said Thursday. Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 video-game console was to hit US markets on November 2 and Japan the following day, but the release will now be "this holiday season", Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. said. The delay is due to "production reasons," said Makiko Noda, a spokeswoman for the electronics giant's game unit, without elaborating. The release of Gran Turismo 5 had already been delayed from March this year. Analysts say...

  • How computer games make us better people

    Computer games can make us better people, argues renowned futurist and game designer Jane McGonigal. In an impeccably researched and delivered presentation at the 2010 London Nokia World Forum, McGonigal spoke about how computer gaming can positively impact the world, turning people into "super-empowered, hopeful individuals". Gaming is mainstream. And if there is anyone who doubts this, the figures speak for themselves. By age 21, an average person in a developed economy would have spent more than 10 000 hours playing computer games -- this is comparable to the total time we spend at school. McGonigal says the world, on average,...

  • Second Life in desperate need of a second life

    The value of Linden Lab, which operates the virtual world Second Life, has plunged by more than 21%, according to SharesPost, which tracks the private secondary market. In late June, Linden Lab brought back founder Philip Rosedale as interim CEO, after CEO Mark Kingdon stepped down. The current value of Linden Lab is estimated by SharesPost to be about $271-million or about $100-million less than a year ago. The plunge in value appears related to...

  • X-Box Live and Kinect available in SA from November

    After years of waiting, X-Box Live will be available to South African gamers in November, just in time for the Christmas shopping rush, according to a local X-Box focussed blog. While the offical X-Box website advertises that X-Box Live is fast, free and easy to join, this hasn't been the case for frustrated South African gamers looking to take part in multi-player gaming, and wanting to download extra content for games, connect with friends and much, much more. Robin Burrowes, a Product Manager for Xbox Live EMEA, revealed the launch date at Gamescon 2010, and claimed that the long delay for...

  • E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference [Live Blog]

    Microsoft’s time to reintroduce the Xbox One as a hardcore gaming machine is right now. After what we would consider a slow start to the next-gen console race, Microsoft will now hopefully present a game focused press conference that wipes away any misconceptions we may have about the Xbox One and its preference for TV. IGN.com has already confirmed the Xbox One games list, so now it’s just up to Microsoft to show off the fancy new graphics of the One, and to hopefully lay into us with a non-listed surprise or two.

  • Gazuma: A new option for mobile gamers

    SkillPod Media, a recent finalist in the Excellence in the Management of Systems category of the Technology Top 100 (TT100) awards, claims to have broken the standard mobile gaming mould by launching a new mobile games platform Gazuma. The new platform allows users to play their games directly from their handset’s browser, as opposed to the normal model where users first have to buy the game online and then download it to...

  • Vodacom launches multiplayer social mobile game

    The Grid, Vodacom's location-based mobile social network, has launched Legends of Echo, a multi-player social game for mobile phones that allows players to battle each other across South Africa in real time and based on their actual physical location. In the game, the Echo is a parallel virtual universe based on the South African map, but instead of cities and skyscrapers, players will find rolling green fields, rocky outcrops and valleys to explore...