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  • Destiny 2 [PS4] review: go into the light

    Destiny 2 was my first proper introduction to the Destiny franchise. Although I had a brief spell with the first game, I could never find myself enjoying it -- yet now the sequel is all I seem to be playing. Usually, a sequel has more to prove than the first iteration in a series. But this always-online FPS developed by Bungie and published by Activision did well to not only expand on the first instalment, but also improve it. For starters, Destiny 2 actually has a story -- albeit slightly cookie-cutter. Dominus Ghaul, the story's villain, is a fearless conqueror trying to capture the traveller's...

  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 1 review: hella origins

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm leaves behind the supernatural elements of its predecessor and delves deeper into the mysterious and perplexing realm of adolescence, a time when every emotion and experience is amplified by the naïveté and entitlement of youth. It personifies the emotions we have unofficially declared as taboo, and allows us to wear it as a badge of honour. Although a handful of games deal with similar subject matter, it's more often than not decorated in some extravagant dressing. The recently released Hellblade explores the extremities of mental illness, but you're still a badass Viking demon slayer....

  • Overwatch gets another free weekend on 22 September

    If you're in the market for a new hero shooter, there's this game called Overwatch that might be just what you need. Thankfully, it seems that Blizzard is thinking that exact same thing. Following a long string of previous free weekends, the game yet another beginning 22 September and running until the 25th. This includes players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. MUST READ: Overwatch review: if Pixar made a first-person shooter… "For this free weekend, we're making Overwatch's full roster of 25 heroes and 16 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and...

  • Your SA Game Jam 2017 winners

    As some of you may know, local Cape Town game devs, Free Lives (Broforce, Genital Jousting) hosted and sponsored the second annual “SA GAME JAM” from 1-4 September. For those of you who are not familiar with game jams, it is an event where game developers, be it aspiring or established, are challenged to create a game around a certain theme and within a specific time limit. The SA Game Jam 2017 gave its participants between 48 and 72 hours to develop a game around the theme of "collections". Now, this might seem like quite a standard practice in the world...

  • Prepare to be A MAZE.d at indie, alt game expo in JHB

    A MAZE. Johannesburg, an offshoot of the original A MAZE. festival in Berlin, is now in its sixth year and going from strength to strength. It's partnered with the Fak'ugesi festival and features a host of game makers, digital artists, musicians, researchers and coders, all engaged with the subject of play -- the driving force behind the festival. Since its inception in Berlin, A MAZE. now interacts with creative events in a number of festivals all over the world, including Croatia, Romania, Palestine, Cuba, Kosovo, Ukraine, Russia and of course South Africa. A MAZE. Berlin takes place in April and A...

  • HP Omen 15 review: expect unlimited HP from this one

    Gaming laptops are generally overpriced. Hell, quality laptops in general can be extremely overpriced. So colour us impressed when we took delivery of HP's Omen 15 (ce004nl), packing some imposing specs into a package that starts at R21 999. Sure, it's still expensive for a laptop, but when compared to other gaming notebooks and the likes of the Macbook range, it's a really tempting purchase. It looks like a stereotypical gaming laptop First up, we have the aesthetics. The Omen 15 is big, brash and borderline gaudy, owing to its stylised vents on the back, the cutouts on the laptop lid and...

  • LA Noire gets re-release for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

    LA Noire was one of the bigger blockbuster titles in the previous generation, offering eerily realistic facial expressions and a great 1940s take on Los Angeles. The development hell was well-documented though, while the interrogation scenes were criticised by more than a few reviewers. But the game still seems like a ball, so colour us surprised to hear that LA Noire is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (!). The news was announced by Rockstar Games and also includes word of a VR title, featuring seven cases from the original game. "We're taking our first steps into virtual reality with...

  • Xbox Game Pass is now live in South Africa, so what should you know?

    Microsoft revealed last week that Xbox Game Pass would be launching in South Africa (along with local pricing), bringing all-you-can-eat gaming to the Xbox One. Now, 1 September has rolled around, which means the service is actually available in the country. Xbox Game Pass will set you back R159 a month in South Africa and, in return, you can play as many games as you want. The service differs from efforts like PlayStation Now in that it doesn't require streaming -- you simply download the desired titles. The service doesn't require a Gold membership either, although you'll need one if you intend...

  • Got a crappy PC? Sea of Thieves will support 15fps frame lock, more

    In an age where developers target super high resolution 4K displays and 60 frames per second (or more), you'd be forgiven for thinking studios don't care about PC gamers with low-end hardware. Fortunately, there are loads of indie titles with relaxed specifications, but what about the bigger studios? Well, Microsoft-owned Rare has announced that its upcoming PC version of Sea of Thieves will have a few key features for those with older specs. "We're trying to go as low as possible," Rare senior producer Joe Neat told PC Gamer. "We've actually been inviting people below our current plan for minimum specs...

  • South African game Semblance to appear on Nintendo Switch

    Local studio Nyamakop and their puzzle/platformer Semblance certainly made a splash at Gamescom 2017, winning the expo's "Underdog" award and being featured in a video by IGN. Now, we've got the news that the game is actually coming to the Nintendo Switch. The title was spotted in one of the latest Nintendo Indie (Nindie) montages by Critical Hit, making for quite a pleasant surprise. Semblance is a side-scrolling puzzle/platformer, with the kicker being that your adorable character can extensively shape the level. Check out the Nintendo compilation below (Semblance at 2:55).